Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pink, do-over.

Well, I re-did this piece about 6 full times.  I came to the decision these girls just needed to stand alone.

I am stopping now, and moving on to Yellow.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I do not like my Pink! Boo.

This weeks Summer of Color (notice thingy in sidebar) is Pink!  Sadly, I am not loving my pink. I don't know, it just didn't work the way I wanted.  Ugh.  However, when I think pink, I think love!  Don't we all?   I also think the Dr. Seuss line, But when my days are happy PINK, it's great to jump and just not think!"  hehe.  So, I have actually worked in a lot of pink this year.  I have had a tough year, and often, when I am creating, I either focus on my my pain, or my joy. Sometimes I force myself to focus on joy, and it helps me out of my pain.  So, here it is.

Edit!!!  Here is my new Pink!

I added in a horizon line, my first time.  Not sure how it worked.  I was going for a double horizon line, see bottom pic, but whatever!  Can you tell I am displeased?  Also, the writing it is brown, but I think the brown too dark.  I may change this, but I thought I should quit for now.

This is where I was going, and now I wish I would have stayed working with this, minus the butterfly.

and I took this photo today of my roses!

and here are some pink pieces I like from this year!
 This piece will be in the Fall Somerset Memories under Family Album!  I don't know if I am suppose to say that or not!???

 My first face!

 I love these letters! Hmm, they may be more red than pink!

Um, ok, this looks more blue, however in person the pink shines!  There is pink glitter everywhere too!

My first attempt at a Julliete Crane Owl!

So this has been my year in pink!  Thanks for looking, and I am excited to see all the pink this week!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Green Girl

This weeks Summer of Color is Green!  This is of my Green Girl Kelsey.  She is very very "green"!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

quick post

You would think, being summer, that I would have loads of extra time.  Ya, not at all.  How to keep all these kids happy and busy?  It is a full time job, and now less time to clean.  Paige had gymnastics this morn, and then lunch with a friend.  Now, how to get her to nap?  Walk Bella!  and then off for a night at the Children's Museum and park.  That should wear them out, right?  I hope to stay up tonight and finished my GREEN painting for this weeks Summer of Color.  I am loving it thus far and can't wait to share! is a pic I took this week of P trying to feed Rose her granola bar.  I am just loving it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

a few happy shots

Paiger finally turned 2.  This was a celebration for me more than anyone.  I made it two years with the hardest, most needy, child ever!  It was so hard to get her to take  pics. She doesn't like to stop moving.  So, I set up this little stage on our deck, and got a couple cute ones. I drank a little too much at her birthday, yes...I drank at her birthday, but all in all it was nice to celebrate this little lady!  Now, as long as i survive this year, I think I'll make it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It is just how I feel sometimes.

I have two minutes before that birdie wakes from her nap, so I am short on words today.  I have many internal struggles as a mother. I would not change my life for anything, I know, but deep inside I long for other things.  My last babe has made me feel very trapped.  She is very needy.  But all in all, when the day is done, and I have painted a little and I reflect on my truth, I know it is as it should be.  Perfect. Complete.  Loving. True.

Linking up for a colorful summer here at Twinkle Twinkle!

Happy week!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer of Color

I am so excited to participate. This will be my first time I have ever done something with an online group of artists.  But it is summer after all, and I am making time for this, for me.

So every week we will make art, any art, with the week's color prompt.  We link it back to Twinkle Twinkle and share are work.  There are giveaways and all.  So, come join me!  It may put a twinkle of color in your summer!

So I am quickly suppose to give a glimmer of what I will be doing, but I truly have no idea!  But I know it will be inspired by Blue!

Motivated, dynamic, refined, youthful, introspective, conservative and patient.
(from Twinkle Twinkle)

oh edit.  I do know.  I am going to make something around the idea of a boy.  I have a deep gutted longing for a son, but I have come to a huge realization that I cannot really handle having any more kids.  Three girls is a load of work, and in all honesty, I don't know how great I am at it.  I can never shake the idea of a son.  So, that is my blue.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


where have you gone?  I want you back, tucked deep inside, for me to pull out whenever I need you.  But alas, you're gone.  You've left me, and the moments keep ticking on.  I cannot slow you down, or stall you a bit.  I miss you.

a little cursive practice.  I woke up and my words to myself, my late night play time, were still there, telling me, reminding me.  A little piece of last night still present.  I think time slowed just a bit for me.  Thank you.