Thursday, August 30, 2012

a tattoo journey

So it all started last spring actually when I was ready to have some covers of really old, very meaningless, ink from my 18 year old days covered up!  My hubs was eager to have me go to his friend and after some fear, I did and he started the work that started my whole piece.  However, I soon began to see that I needed to find an experienced artist to do what I wanted.  I didn't know where to start, and so I took a little break.  One day though, through knowing a fabulous person, I found my artist and my journey continued.

As many of you know, I started with many little birds, a great quote, and a simple hand drawn, by me, birdcage.  The work didn't look so great.  I knew there was so much more I wanted from this, but didn't know where to go next.  I did know though, that along with my little birdies, I needed three bigger birdies, to represent my girls.  Of course, I am the cage...and two of these three and starting to fly further away.  So my fab artist started out with a simple floral design and my Paige bird.

and we are starting to fix the cage and color...

my doggie loves me and my new, unfinished ink...

and color...  and design complete and brought through the cage.  I am so happy!

I love this last shot so much, although you can't see the bottom left flowers which are gorgeous.

Now, you may notice, two more birdies are to come.  We haven't really decided where to put them, but the two will be close by, as my two oldest are very close in age, and close.  I think one will have spread wings.  My next session, a whole month! we are actually re coloring all the springtime work.  It honestly didn't heal well, and looks not so great next to this masterpiece.  I am hoping Mr. Artist Awesome Sauce can fix that, although the style is very different.

So birdies to come, and I have so many more important symbols in this head, that I am eager to one day add to this canvas.

A little inspired

by Julliette Crane and Lifebook on a sad dark babe-really-sick type week!  I held my girl for four days while she did her sick thing all over me, held on to that fever, and crashed in my arms.  It was bitter sweet, and depressing too.

And in dark times, I say paint bright.  I was totally unable to really get in my studio and do my thing, but I was able to watch Miss Crane's Lifebook lesson and whip up a little sweet mama Koala!

I hope you like her.

at one point tonight, if I don't crash first, I will linky up to PPF and try oh so hard to visit everyone this week!

babe and I at my desk.  She is feverishly crashed on me. This was like day four of being in the house and I was starting to go a little stir crazy.  I thought she was getting better, and I got so hopeful of getting out that day!  ...she's all swell and well now, making us all crazy with her energy now, so no worries!!!

oh, and if you've comment on some of my tattoo posts, and have been so curious as what is going on on that back of mine... click HERE!!!  Woot!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Sketches. Profile.

Hello!  This morning I felt it a good morning to practice a sketch.  I seriously have never liked my profile faces; they usually look manly! This morning, happily, I think I made my first feminine profile, thanks to our fab Willowing Tam!  Linking this morning to Sunday Sketches!  And here's to a great week ahead!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pink Hair, Toilet Bowl Lid Art, and a WIP!

Hello Hello!  I have been away, staying way too busy, and finishing up summer with my gaggle.

When I left off last, I was showing off my Toilet Bowl Lid Painting for a charity auction hosted by Fallen Owl Tattoo!  The event was awesome soy sauce, and my painting, lid, did sell! (exciting!!!)

Do you remember the painting?

Here is the post if you want to catch up!

Now anyways, this was all very fun for me.  And I was so nervous going into it. And here I am, with my lid...

Yup, I have pink hair!

and about this pink hair...let me share a close-up with you.  My hairdresser outdid herself, and my hair rocked!!!  (Sadly though, the roots were not so easy, and now my hair is more of a darker cherry than bright pink.  sorta boo!)  The purple was sprayed on over a stencil.  Very cool!

Now, we talked toilet bowl seat and pink hair, so last, but not least, a work in progress.  This mother is BIG with so many layers upon layers.  I don't know where to go with it right now, so I set it aside.  I am certain it will call to me soon!  Linking to Paint Party Friday! Woot!

on a little extra side note... I have begun to sell my paintings, and prints.  This week I sold DREAM, a favorite among many.

I also have available a few more for purchase, and if you're interested you may reach me at  I will be opening up my Etsy site this week and will add them there as well.

This board never got a name.  In my head, it's just Happy Land!

Living a wonderful, colorful, jolly life.

Beeswax collage on cardboard. Sunshine.

Collage on cardboard.  Nature Lover.

and lastly, a collage I just finished last night.  Beeswax on wood.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sunday Postcard Art, days late!

I am linking for the very first time to Sunday Postcard Art.  The theme was quirky, and I love being a little quirky.  She says, Feeling a tad upside down today.  Need Help!

and I've been gone a long long time and I know many are interested in hearing about the toilet bowl auction, from here.  So I will be back on Friday with the tale!  Woot!