Monday, August 29, 2011

Changes are coming!

Fall is getting near.  I am suddenly energized to work.  Bringing my home back together, after a summer of fun, children everywhere.  I am ready to write, to shoot, and to scrap.  I am eager to make huge messes with paint, and wear it everywhere!  I have been sleeping lots, and am rested during the day.  I can take on this thing called life, at least I know I can today!

Packing up some paintings to submit. Fingers Crossed!

Back to school.  My oldest started middle school.  Life is changing.

And when summer is nearing its end, we have fruit!

and babe made her first collage!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It has been so long since I have blogged.  This is so very unlike me.  I am ever so overwhelmed with three chicks.  Back to school fever, and busy to dos, toddler so active and busy, heat so intense...  I have not picked up my camera or a paintbrush.  I feel I am waiting for fall.  Cooler days, nap times, and everyone settled in.  Life is just a rush right now, clothes to put away...I shouldn't even be writing this now.

I will be back soon.  Very soon.  I feel fall is so close, but I can't yet touch it.  My pumpkin vines are stretching, but not yet showing me any fruit.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Finishing up

Summer of Color  How wonderful it is to be in a community of artists.  I am so grateful for this experience, and have created new pieces I would have never created!  I am excited to spend some time looking at all your collections this week, and hope to catch up on those I missed.  Loving this journey!

Sitting pretty on my piano, until I know what to do with them! are a couple pics of my daughters colorful works too!

Click here for my slideshow!

I just love colorful play everywhere. My house is filled with it.  And although I may go crazy each and everyday, I would not trade my colorful life, just as it is, for anything! It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to!

Despite the intense heat, Maddy is back to school this week, and Kelsey about to follow.  It has been a crazy summer trying to keep these girls busy.  But don't worry, we have had plenty of movie and Xbox too! I have been in do mode, but not really accomplishing anything.  I suppose that is the glory of summer!  My DSLR took a bad crash this summer, and I have been mostly taking pics with my phone. My little backup has turned out to be great fun for me.  Here are a few pics of my gaggle this summer.

  We have spent lots of time running around in grass, swimming, and...
I really fell in love with my new shelter girl Bella!
 and I let baby makes lots of messes, cuz that's how I roll!

and Paiger turned two and I set up a little photo shoot on my deck.
Kelsey tolerates my picture taking...
 while Maddy poses and poses!
 Baby plays with her babies all day, and loves pictures!

 And we all have fun at museums, especially is wacky mirrors!

 and once in a while, the olders make me dinner.  They throw beach towels on the table and cook pasta...and give me a diet coke, even though I had already had my quota! And they serve me on Power Puff girls plates!
All in all, it was a pretty nice summer.  I am eager for Fall, the smell, the colors, the coolness.  I am eager to have the olders in school so I can to to the gym.  I am looking forward to getting a new lens, and taking new fotos, and maybe developing more of my style in photography. ...lens baby anyone?   I am eager to work on my writing, and get my projects into my mentor on time.  So here's to fall...I hope it comes soon! Happy happy end of summer days to you all, and don't drink too much diet coke, let's have an iced coffee, shall we?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I believe this is the last week of Summer of Color, and I must say that I am relieved. I have had so much fun painting and playing along.  I am thankful that I have opened myself up to new, and made so many pieces that I would have never made, but I am full, and need to welcome fall with rested arms, and focus on my girls.

All the writing here, comes from Oh, The Places You'll Go! Dr. Suess.  This book has been my favorite since Kelsey was very small.  I always knew she needed more guidance and this book always seemed to fit. Many years later, and at nearly 11 years old, her struggles continue and grow heavy.  Last night, this book seemed so appropriate, and I am hoping we can sit together and read it again. I am at a loss for how to walk her through life.  This is nothing new, but it weighs me down, and our hearts, together, are so heavy at times.

I worked a little different this week.  I found a site about Fearless Painting.  Have you heard of this?  I must find her blog again and share.  I read a bit and watched a little video, and decided to paint fearlessly, paint like a child.  This is where it took me, and I am so pleased.

I am looking forward to fall.  Perhaps a little time to me, getting back into some photography, and more learning, and lots more running!  ...see those tired swollen poor feet?  I did some serious interval sprints, and it's hot (certainly you know this) and running and heat make my feet look like pregnant feet.  Poor feet!