Friday, September 28, 2012

This week I have been, sorta, planning for my trip to Oregon with my fave Twinkle Twinkle Artist.  We're on our way to Art and Soul!  And because I'm off to Oregon, I get to have dinner with the most beautiful Grandmother in the land.    My Grandma is so important to me.  This rose is for her.

I went into to my fav tattoo artist for some touch ups, of old work, not his, and I just knew it was time for my rose to represent the most important woman in my life.

So for my lovely grandmother, and her 100's of rose bushes, I will wear her symbol on my body forever.  I can see that she will not be around near as long as I wish, but she is with me each day.  I could not possibly be the  person I am without her.

And the face?  That is my second toilet bowl lid, a commissioned piece, that left me this week.  Yup, it's another toilet bowl!

And last week, I wrote a post about all the exciting new adventures of mine in art business.  Although of course it's slow going, it's going!  You can read all about the post HERE!!!  I share some exciting news, and a few new pieces I made!

Happy week to you, and I'll be back after Art and Soul to share all about our fab trip, which I know it will be!  Oh, did I mention Jesse Reno and Mindy Lacefield???  :D

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

happy tidbits



happy mail!

beautiful gift.  Thank you dear Cameron

and a little glimpse of my gift to you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Exciting Artistic Ventures!

Long long awaited post this one is and not a good habit to get into, I know! but here I am, back at my puter to explain why...  Um, three kids, remember this!, and a new commitment to my studio, and the gym (important), ...and last, but not least exciting, is a grand new shop opening in downtown Brighton Colorado called Eye Candy of Brighton, where my art, originals and prints, will be sold!!!  yup, true that!  It all happened when I contacted the owner about teaching workshops at this new fabulous shop.  Not only am I going to be doing so (Eeee, giddy meeeee!) but she also said she would be thrilled to have my work for sale there.  Oh, lovely day...we talked for hours and connected right away.

oh quick side fun... I also worked on this this week...for fun!

Now back to my story! Not all days have been hunky dory.  As I focused my attention on some new pieces, I begin to question what I was doing and why.  Was my art authentic, and what makes it so.  Around and around I went and did come to the conclusion that I was very happy with this path, but I won't put out pieces that I am unhappy with, and I won't mass produce anything.  My pieces still need to flow from my painted hands, from my spirit.  And I wonder what little story the buyer may have for them?

So alas, here are two new canvas pieces for the shop.  And I have been having a huge love affair with beeswax.  It started long ago, but then we split for a bit, and now we're back together making a mess of my stove and fuming the house with sweet goodness!

This second one reminds me a bit of Suzi Blue's work.  I had great issue with this at first, and she uses beeswax over her girls as ya.  I was unhappy with the similarities, but then I was like, hey, every person that you learn from, or admire etc... is going to influence your style.  I feel the top represents how I draw pretty girls, but why should I be unhappy with this second piece?  I shouldn't!  So, although not my favorite, I do love her little story in my mind.  I have been asked why she is sad, and if I'm sad, and I'll tell you...she simply longs for the wind to blow through her pink hair! She is just longing and waiting amongst the beautiful K&Co butterflies and flowers!  True story! And don't those flowers look yummy with wax all over them?  I think they do!

Also in the new shop are a couple of my old cardboard carved paintings, and a painted collage, more abstract.  I am working to add a new piece once a week for a while!  We'll see how it all goes...

Happy Day!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

a tattoo journey

So it all started last spring actually when I was ready to have some covers of really old, very meaningless, ink from my 18 year old days covered up!  My hubs was eager to have me go to his friend and after some fear, I did and he started the work that started my whole piece.  However, I soon began to see that I needed to find an experienced artist to do what I wanted.  I didn't know where to start, and so I took a little break.  One day though, through knowing a fabulous person, I found my artist and my journey continued.

As many of you know, I started with many little birds, a great quote, and a simple hand drawn, by me, birdcage.  The work didn't look so great.  I knew there was so much more I wanted from this, but didn't know where to go next.  I did know though, that along with my little birdies, I needed three bigger birdies, to represent my girls.  Of course, I am the cage...and two of these three and starting to fly further away.  So my fab artist started out with a simple floral design and my Paige bird.

and we are starting to fix the cage and color...

my doggie loves me and my new, unfinished ink...

and color...  and design complete and brought through the cage.  I am so happy!

I love this last shot so much, although you can't see the bottom left flowers which are gorgeous.

Now, you may notice, two more birdies are to come.  We haven't really decided where to put them, but the two will be close by, as my two oldest are very close in age, and close.  I think one will have spread wings.  My next session, a whole month! we are actually re coloring all the springtime work.  It honestly didn't heal well, and looks not so great next to this masterpiece.  I am hoping Mr. Artist Awesome Sauce can fix that, although the style is very different.

So birdies to come, and I have so many more important symbols in this head, that I am eager to one day add to this canvas.

A little inspired

by Julliette Crane and Lifebook on a sad dark babe-really-sick type week!  I held my girl for four days while she did her sick thing all over me, held on to that fever, and crashed in my arms.  It was bitter sweet, and depressing too.

And in dark times, I say paint bright.  I was totally unable to really get in my studio and do my thing, but I was able to watch Miss Crane's Lifebook lesson and whip up a little sweet mama Koala!

I hope you like her.

at one point tonight, if I don't crash first, I will linky up to PPF and try oh so hard to visit everyone this week!

babe and I at my desk.  She is feverishly crashed on me. This was like day four of being in the house and I was starting to go a little stir crazy.  I thought she was getting better, and I got so hopeful of getting out that day!  ...she's all swell and well now, making us all crazy with her energy now, so no worries!!!

oh, and if you've comment on some of my tattoo posts, and have been so curious as what is going on on that back of mine... click HERE!!!  Woot!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Sketches. Profile.

Hello!  This morning I felt it a good morning to practice a sketch.  I seriously have never liked my profile faces; they usually look manly! This morning, happily, I think I made my first feminine profile, thanks to our fab Willowing Tam!  Linking this morning to Sunday Sketches!  And here's to a great week ahead!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pink Hair, Toilet Bowl Lid Art, and a WIP!

Hello Hello!  I have been away, staying way too busy, and finishing up summer with my gaggle.

When I left off last, I was showing off my Toilet Bowl Lid Painting for a charity auction hosted by Fallen Owl Tattoo!  The event was awesome soy sauce, and my painting, lid, did sell! (exciting!!!)

Do you remember the painting?

Here is the post if you want to catch up!

Now anyways, this was all very fun for me.  And I was so nervous going into it. And here I am, with my lid...

Yup, I have pink hair!

and about this pink hair...let me share a close-up with you.  My hairdresser outdid herself, and my hair rocked!!!  (Sadly though, the roots were not so easy, and now my hair is more of a darker cherry than bright pink.  sorta boo!)  The purple was sprayed on over a stencil.  Very cool!

Now, we talked toilet bowl seat and pink hair, so last, but not least, a work in progress.  This mother is BIG with so many layers upon layers.  I don't know where to go with it right now, so I set it aside.  I am certain it will call to me soon!  Linking to Paint Party Friday! Woot!

on a little extra side note... I have begun to sell my paintings, and prints.  This week I sold DREAM, a favorite among many.

I also have available a few more for purchase, and if you're interested you may reach me at  I will be opening up my Etsy site this week and will add them there as well.

This board never got a name.  In my head, it's just Happy Land!

Living a wonderful, colorful, jolly life.

Beeswax collage on cardboard. Sunshine.

Collage on cardboard.  Nature Lover.

and lastly, a collage I just finished last night.  Beeswax on wood.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sunday Postcard Art, days late!

I am linking for the very first time to Sunday Postcard Art.  The theme was quirky, and I love being a little quirky.  She says, Feeling a tad upside down today.  Need Help!

and I've been gone a long long time and I know many are interested in hearing about the toilet bowl auction, from here.  So I will be back on Friday with the tale!  Woot!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sh$ts and Giggles, a Charity Event!

So, you wanna know a little story?  I was at having a talk with my new tattoo dude, about my upcoming session of course, and we got to talking and stuff and I started talking a little photography and a little art.  Well, they, the shop, are putting on a charity auction at a local bar and all the artists there, and some others, were all painting toilet seat lids.  And...excited excited me... he asked if I wanted to paint on for the event. (I actually knew of this event from my previous visit, but I truly did not think I would get to participate.  I certainly wasn't going to offer.  Some of these artists are so wickedly talented...and then there is little me!)  So... Uh, yes!!!  I was giddy crazy with excitement and ran to home depot to buy a toilet lid.  On the way I called Twinkle Twinkle to express extreme delight, and then off I went to work.  Being a mother of three girls and being summer, time has been limited lately, but stay up each night, way too late, I did! And then there was that moment when she was finished.  I love her now and I am excited and really hoping someone buys her in the auction.

So happy day, right?  The event is next Friday night, which also means I have an excuse to have an outing.  Fingers crossed I can find a sitter!

Now, I did deliver her last weekend when I went in for my session.  The response was awesome sauce.  I was a tad nervous, given the talent in this shop, but I did it and they loved least I really feel they did.  No other toilet lid looked like woot!

This is me.  I am not revealing what is about to go down on my back.  I think I'll wait a couple weeks and make you lovelies crazy!

Linking to PPF!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer of Color, week 5, and still behind!

hehe.  I am finding it difficult to keep up, as always.  The colors for the week, a combo of blue, purple, and pink, didn't really work for me.  I envisioned something so different, like using mostly a black and white palate with touches of these colors, but I start painting and just go a-color crazy lady!

My piece went through so many stages, wiped out, and worked all new all over again.  The way it goes sometimes.  I still found myself struggling and so I just let it be.  I painted away, and when I was done, I was done and that is the end to my tale!

and this is when Mister Hubs says the profile face looks like a man...and I just gave up on this idea.

Started over completely.  Faces missing something of me, I think... so,

I played some more!

and added glitter

Happy Summer Days!  One more week for Summer of Color, and then off on new adventures!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer of Color week 4

and a wee bit behind, again.

This week the ice cream inspiration colors were pink and yellow.  I was so excited to work with yellow, because my pot of beezwax was getting very very lonely indeed.  Being just a tad bit low on time, I decided to just have free play with wax.  The whole process was very relaxing and my kitchen smelled sooooo good!  Thank you lovely Kristin for hosting such a fab color prompt party.  Without it, I may not be making an art this summer at all!

Here are all four SOC pieces sitting colorfully pretty together on the piano!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

turning emotions

Ok, before I go into explainations and the piece below, which is the outcome of last weeks emotional collaging week, I want to share, finally, my nearly finished third big board painting!  I love these little scenes like a-crazy-lady, but they are time consuming!  Whoa...seriously.  I have decided on my title and how I am painting it on, and will be getting to this tomorrow!  These happy colorful boards just make me giddy!  (did you know I love that word?  You may know this!)

Now... turning emotions...

into art.

It is hard to read the title.  In dark gold stickles I wrote I Am Letting Go. I don't love this face at all, but I did feel the process was very good for me, and I do love this Instagram close up I took, sooo...I'll share.  I am trying not to hide sharing work I am not super proud of.  Part of the process, yes?

Last week a posted a work in progress, the layers beneath this piece.  I had had a pretty tough mothering day, and inwardly I stayed up and collaged my feelings.  Post here Collaging Emotions.  So many wonderful people commented on my post.  With this post I was merely trying to explain what I was going through while working on this piece.  Thank you so much for all your support!

I began working on this piece with the color prompt for the third week of Summer of Color, hosted by super sweety Kristin.  I like to call her Kristin Twinkle Twinkle!  I didn't finish this in time to link up to her summer party, but complete it I did!

Here are the first three Summer of Color pieces together...

and of course I am just in time for Paint Party Friday! Woot Woot!

Friday, June 29, 2012

collaging emotions

I had a rough mothering day yesterday.  Babe number three still takes me to my absolute limits and yesterday I fell off the edge. edit...there are pieces of me that come out, and I have to get myself in control of this.  I love my children so much.  I want them to know every second.

My husband has been gone all summer.  I have never had him home all that much.  I do this alone.  Almost always. But this summer has been even harder.  He is working these bad storms we've had and is only home now on Sundays.  We see him once a week.  Night and day, I take care of this gaggle alone and it is wearing me down.  ...and I have no AC!  Lovely 100 degree days with no cooling, a tired mama, still unpacking, an absurdly hyper and spirited toddler, no husband and I am feeling so defeated.

a little side note, after reading so many comments.  I didn't mean to make this sound so sad, it was merely where I was coming from while making this art!  Thank you all for your kind words.

Paint Party Friday