Friday, April 5, 2013

Portland Book Published!

It is always an honor to find out your work is being published, and even a little extra when you get an article too.  Last October, this bloggy lady and I  went on an outing! You can read a bit about it here... HERE!!! right HERE!!! and now our tale is in the new Somerset Memories!

and to my surprise... this was in the mag too!  woot!

29 faces Continued!

It has been forever, I am aware.  In Feb, I joined in on 29 Faces, but an awesome sauce trip to NY stopped me in my tracks.  When I got home, I worked a little more, but never completed the month.  Here are some more of my faces.  Scroll down to see the ones I did in the beginning!

ok, a couple are not full faces, but practice is practice you know!

 Um, my fav zombie girl so far!  I love how her mouth is slightly open.  Hungry!

this last one is really a paint over collage...a mag pic.  This journal page is not done yet, but loving it! S