Monday, May 21, 2012

Hey Girl!

 I saw this on on FB the other day and loved it!  Owls everywhere.  But I adore them so!

 One of my besties pinned this for me!  haha.  Love it!

You thoughtful little thing!

So, I just needed something that made me smile a bit.  I was taking a break from some serious acid inducing stress on Pinterest.  Suddenly, I had to do a fun little blog post!  Want to hear something cute? I love the Hey Girl trend so much, sometimes I just want to pee my pants, and my hubs now says funny little things like ...blah blah blah, after we cuddle!  Hehe.  He actually doesn't find them so funny, but thinks it's funny that I do.  Whatever, I think he does deep inside!

ok, I know I've posted this one...but it's my fav, so enjoy again!

oh, and this one rocks.  I love the pose!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer of Color 2

Hello fabulous bloggy friends. I wanted to quickly let you know that I am going to be gone for a bit, but really hoping to be back for Summer of Color 2! It was so much fun last year, and I am giddy that Kristin is hosting another blog event this year. Please join in, and I really hope to see some new friends there as well. You don't have to paint, you can do anything with the color theme for the week. Photos are awesome too! So, join us, K!!!

I was totally planning on participating in some fun things this month, and if you're hosting, just know I want to be there, but life takes over sometimes and I have to pass up on the fun.  

Hope to be back really soon!!!  Kissy Kissy all you lovelies.  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Scrapping, Painting, Upcycling!

 all on cereal box boards.
turning some old pieces into scrap pages.
 sparkle sparkle!
 the background below I made for Mindy's Paint Your Story.  It was the perfect background for my 3.

 Reach is fun!  I added blingy words above my head that read Reaching.  The words around my crown??? are from Eminem.  yup yup!  If you had one moment, would YOU capture it?
with Reaching...quick phone pic! bad indoor light.  Boo.
 Tattoo me is nearly complete.   This one has been a source of vexation.  It started fab, but now not so...

I am finding this great fun to take old paintings and journal pages I made for whatever, laying around with no home, and turning them into scrappy fun.  Scrapbooking is really how this whole journey started for me, and I don't want to forget it.  I feel messy scrappy hands getting warm now though, and I am liking it!!!  Woot!  I have a couple more of these started, but not sure where they are going.  

So, do you know where these are going?  I'll tell you here!  They are off to Somerset Memories today, with high hopes that they like my painting scrappy board creations! Wow, I just put that out there. Little scary!!!  Now, I need to go finish Tattoo Me!  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Random post, and a sneak peak!

Lots of family loving going on this week.

This lovely turned 10!  We had a huge sleepover which was tiring and awesome all the same.  (And a special bloggy friend sent my girl this cute purse!!!  Seriously, is there anything cuter? And it makes me get weepy thinking how special our bloggy relationships truly are!  Weep!)

I made a strawberry cake with lemonade frosting. It was NOT healthy, and it was so freaking yummy!

I cut up my faces! But you still don't know what I am doing!!!  

and I've been working on a fun scrapbook series, and because I am so nice, I will share them on Friday!

In the midst of kids and cake and kids and cleaning, and art, and cleaning... I did some editing too.  

I'm putting together a mini session photo shoot coming soon too.  That will help fund a very fun adventure this fall!

A little side note. I am sitting here with an old, like from last summer, Artful Blogging in my lap.  For some reason I had always meant to read this one article from Jodi Ohl, but I never did. Well, recycling is what I do best, and I was going through old mags to get rid of, or keep if need be, and I noticed I had a bookmarked her article and never read it.  So I did, and I just want to share how inspired I am by what she wrote.  I am going to read again, and digest, and I'll be back tomorrow to share her article.  I think it's a great one for all aspiring people aspiring to do anything.  Very motivating.  So, back atcha tomorrow...LATE!  :P

Friday, May 4, 2012

Just a little bit of fun!

So, I had this fun idea for my new little series that non of you know about... this is basically getting back to my scrapping basics with my new found love of mixed media.  Well, not soooo new.  Anyhow...I suddenly knew I had to add my eyes, with the top of my head at the bottom of one of the pages.  Soooo, Miss Maddy, 10 years old on Monday!!!, cheers I'll DO IT!!!  and grabs Mr. Big and gets to work.  I had on my prime lens, and since she really doesn't know how to use a real camera, they are not all perfectly focused.  But guess what, I don't care!!!  My little lady rocks!  She did exactly what I asked, and then I got to editing.

Now these are going to get cut up a bit, and possibly transferred.  You may see them in lots of new projects because I think they are just too fun.  Plus, I was having a good hair day, and nice eyeliner day too! Actually, I should show you the color pics...nice silvery shiney eyeshadow to make me happy!

Now Miss Maddy has a big bday party sleepover tomorrow night, and honestly, who knows when I'll get to anything.  But I am making a very unhealthy strawberry lemon cake, for awesome pics of course, and to make sure my organic kale smoothie isn't too good for me...  My cart at Super Target Boutique was quite a site tonight!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

happy moment do always seem to sneak up on you

don'tcha think?

here is a happy moment I captured recently.  She was having a sweet moment.

and silly...

These were a couple weeks ago as some may notice. P now has a little 20s bob!  It's cute!   But I keep seeing these and can't get enough. They just make me smile.

The Bob. Today. Children's Museum!

Now, I will let you know.  I have been working on a couple projects that make me pretty happy.  I will share... like probably really soon!  And, I am working on something else exciting to share...uh, probably soon!  So stay tuned.

And I am figuring out how to deal with this babe we call Miss P.  Keep her busy.  As much as I want to stay home and art (yup a verb!),  I have to get this lady out!  So, this is what I'm trying to get better at, and more consistent with.  And it works.  This kid after an outing even lets me work, and will chill.  Then sisters come home, and it's time to keep up with the big girls, usually with lots of screaming and attitude.  ...I need to remember her needs though. And when her needs are met, my needs are somewhat  taken care of as well. ...I am still counting down till Kindergarden.  Two years and three months to go!!!