Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just the three of us. Flashback Friday!

and the three of them!
This was a simple time.  The girls were really becoming them, and also getting rather easy.  Madison just started school, and I left my job to stay home, and for the first time in many many years, I had some time to myself. (I only worked for a couple years, as I soon discovered that working outside the home, just wasn't worth the money. My family, and my sanity, is all that mattered, so again, I found myself home completely.)

Our little family was full of so much love, and lots of sisterly fighting, so we thought we'd add more love, and more fighting!  It is hard now to remember life with just my two girls.  Life is richer with Paiger, but I don't want to loose those memories, as Kelsey and Madison had many years, just them, becoming us.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slowing Down

Tonight, Paigee was getting tired, grumpy.  It was a bit early for bed, and all I wanted to do was put her to sleep, and be.  Be alone, work on a project, read a few blogs.  Ugh, the frustration at times, when we search for any little morsel of aloneness.  However, she wouldn't have it.  So I gave up my notion of working on a project, or blogging, or cleaning, and we got ready for bed, and got baby, and started reading.  This makes Paiger very happy. Undivided attention, and books and baby!  I let go of it all, and we had happy alone time.  We read, and sang, and signed! and cuddled.  We were laying there, and I was gazing in her beautiful eyes and I so wished I magically had a camera with me.  So, in all my sweetness, I asked Paige if I could go get my camera and take her picture.  21 month old lovely said yes, and I did.  Tonight's bedtime could have been torturous, but instead, it was fabulous!

The Daily Wyatt

Five Favs Jan-March

These picks are suppose to be our your children, but here my daughter is holding the pretzel, so I think it counts!  

I am not so sure these are my five best, or whatnot, and wow, was this hard to pick! So, instead I will say, here are five of my favorite so far this year.  

um, complete oops, I posted early.  Didn't see that part until just now.  Well, let me be the first then!  :D

edit...I am following the directions this time.  Here they are.  If you saw them before, I changed the bottom photo as this last one is my very new favorite!

Click it Up a Notch

Quick, silly, selfies.

Ok, I am not the kind of person that looks good just standing smiling in a picture.  BUt I love to make faces, and be all pretend-I'm-hot or something.  It is just too fun. I took these, while getting ready, baby on the counter, talking to hubs on the phone.  It makes me laugh that I did this, but what the heck...I'm silly!
ha, flash my accident, but love the glare in my eyes!

 I really was talking to my hubs, making that face in the mirror, and taking my photo, while telling the babe to leave Mama's make-up alone!
gotta have a goofy shot!

There is totally a big rage in blog land to take selfies, and do I am beautiful projects with self portraits.  It is really awesome and empowering, and if I find some time, I may join in!  Everyone needs to tell themselves they're beautiful!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This day, on Texture Thursday

I think of the child that I rarely talk about here.  When you have one daughter with AS, and a toddler who is the midst of tantrums and torment, I have noticed that I haven't shared about the second girl, the girl girl, the wild, loud, fun, spirited, adorable Madison. So, I edited a shot from last week, just for today, and have decided that the remainder of this week, is dedicated to the high energy, lovely of a nearly 9 year old girl.

And yes, she is totally laying on tracks.  She'll do anything to be a good model!

The Daily Wyatt

Last week I my photo got picked for texture twist. How very exciting. so here it is again!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy moments.

Thinking of happy moments.

Where have I been?

well, here.  This girl is killing me.  There hasn't been too many fun moments this week.  Tantrums.  more tantrums.  Crying...I don't know why.  Tantrums.  Laundry.  People keep wanting things from me. I can't.  Sometimes I wish I really were a recluse, then perhaps, I would be left alone.  Hope babe finds some peace, because I am getting lost.

The weather has been cold and windy.  It's been two days of being trapped.  I think baby needs to get out.  She is so happy outside. Dirt!  The greatest joy!  Best yet...dirt, and a hose.  As much as I don't like the warm weather, I need it.  When the girls are outside, all is ok.

Sunday I did get out however...alone. (amazing)  Right before I left I took a quick me shot, which happily included my camera strap, totally vintage, from my mom's hippy days traveling Europe.  Alan fixed it for me, and now I sport true vintage!  Thanks Mama.

I do look a little goofy!  ha. and I have paint all over my arm.  I usually do.

Friday, March 18, 2011

It has been two years.

since I've looked like this.  Part of me longs for just one more.  Possibly a boy?  Part of me is scared to death.
I guess for now, I'll work on my pregnancy journal, and love everything as it is.

btw, I am pretty certain I know the answer, so I think I'll spend my time working on my journal, reflecting on the beauty of the last pregnancy.  

A little big project

and a whole bottle of mod podge.
I found this in the garage.  Old project of little girls Kelsey and Madison.  They never finished.  Alan has been begging to throw this away, and for the past few years, I scream NO!  Suddenly, walking by the abandoned home, I swooped it up, and said today is the day!

and for a day I worked.  Paint, glue, paper, and lots more glue. Mess. And I promise, I did it all wrong!  However, poor skills aside, I made a little home for my small scrapbooks and art journals.

and here is how it looks is my horribly lit hall, with a gross yellow hue.  It actually looks really great, the photos and light greatly distort its beauty, although it has a warmer feel, sitting in the hall.

and this is just cute!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

blending with texture

hmm, I've never blended two of my photos before (plus an added texture).  Oh, the possibilities.

Monday, March 14, 2011

feel this joy.

It is important to skip!
and dance around, carelessly.
and laugh a lot.
and walk tall.
and it's very important to stand with your sister, wearing your own style and totally being you.
and don't forget to jump!

*Thank you Robin for making me go out and take some photos.  I needed it!*

and a little extra picture for texture thursday...
it's still pretty brown here.

(if you're visiting from Texture Thursday, I just posted a new post where I blended this dead grass on a photo of my girls, on railroad tracks.  I'd love to know if it is a good blend, or not!

The Daily Wyatt