Friday, June 29, 2012

collaging emotions

I had a rough mothering day yesterday.  Babe number three still takes me to my absolute limits and yesterday I fell off the edge. edit...there are pieces of me that come out, and I have to get myself in control of this.  I love my children so much.  I want them to know every second.

My husband has been gone all summer.  I have never had him home all that much.  I do this alone.  Almost always. But this summer has been even harder.  He is working these bad storms we've had and is only home now on Sundays.  We see him once a week.  Night and day, I take care of this gaggle alone and it is wearing me down.  ...and I have no AC!  Lovely 100 degree days with no cooling, a tired mama, still unpacking, an absurdly hyper and spirited toddler, no husband and I am feeling so defeated.

a little side note, after reading so many comments.  I didn't mean to make this sound so sad, it was merely where I was coming from while making this art!  Thank you all for your kind words.

Paint Party Friday

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Sketch

I've decided to try something new and, for the second week in a row, to spend 20 minutes on Sundays doing a simple face sketch.  I adored my sketch last week, and I thought I'd give it a new go this week. This angle is hard for me, but one must practice to get better.  I will probably end up painting these, but for now, here is my second sunday sketch, and linking up to Sunday Sketches!~

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Minty Happiness!

This is week two in Summer of Color2, Mint Chip Ice Cream Color Inspired! I LOVE me some Mint Chip, so happy me finally got to sit down, for a few, rummage through some fabulous tidbits, mostly fun goodies that varies artists had sent to me, and get sticky with glue!  I did have on had some yummy minty paint, yay, and like usual, I worked on a strong piece of cardboard and added in a dryer sheet for texture.

also linking up to Paint Party Friday!

Happy Week.  Sure hope I can fit in a little more art time this week!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Face Sketch

It's been some time since I've practiced a simple face, so I grabbed a crappy crappy pencil, seriously in need of sharpening, and sketched this little cutie.  My plan is always to paint, but I get so scared sometimes I'll ruin this cute little face.  Boo.  what to do???

and I was about to link up to Sunday Sketches, but I missed the linky by two minutes!  Boo.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

On my desk. so happy to be here!

I have been gone what seems like forever.  Yesterday I started playing once again and I have paint on my fingers!  Feels so good to be back and happily, I have my very first studio workspace!

Happy Paint Party Friday!.  Huge hopes of being back next week with an actual finished painting!

Summer of Color 2 Ice Cream Inspirations!

Miss lovely Kristin twinkle twinkle!!! is hosting her second summer blog event, Summer of Color 2, Ice Cream Inspirations.  Week one, Sherbet!  This event came at a good time for me, as all my supplies have been so lonely, packed far away from me.  But, I've let them free!  I'm keeping simple this summer with the prompts and going quite literal with my interpretations.  It is summer after all.  Make ice cream!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

slowly coming back

The long days of summer have hit me.  The pulling in many directions.  Trying to unpack.  So, I've decided to put some of it aside for a bit, even the girls, and start unpacking for me.  And oh the mess I have, and oh how happy it makes me.  It may takes months to get this house completely unpacked and put together, and I can't pretend to accept that, but at least, for the first time, I have a studio space!  Eeee, happy day!  And good thing Miss Twinkle Twinkle Kristin lovely is having her second blog event, Summer of Color 2, because I want to play!

Now, my babe, has had a birthday.  I made it three years with this babe, so I think I can do anything!

and on a little side hurray... One of my besties is having a baby (I am happy for others having babies, but overjoyed knowing I never will again!!!) and I took lots of pics the other night.  So many still to edit, and so many to share, but I love this one.  I went a little edit crazy on only this shot, but how I lovity love love it!!!

So happy summer week.  I am unpacking more today, and totally playing in my new studio!

And I am eager to return tomorrow with a Summer of Color inspired piece!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Moving and Such...

After 11 and a half years in our little blue home, we have moved, to a little brown home.  This move brought on many emotions and so much work, but suddenly, living in the middle of moving mess, we are feeling pretty good.  Our little old ranch house is pretty comfy.  There is a massive back yard, lots of huge trees everywhere (well, other than the very front as you can see) and neighborhood kids everywhere. This is the biggest plus for us, as we've always wanted that sense of community, and kids running around playing with our kids, and we've finally got it.  This neighborhood is feeling pretty amazing so far.

More plusses?  We are now in the neighborhood where are kids will go to school.  Great schools in fact, and one of the best high schools around, is nearly across the street.  I've always wanted to move into this area, closer to the mountains (yes, the indoor girl actually said know, I love seeing the beauty in nature, just not tooooo close!) and living in this part of town.  Woot!

Alas, there is so much more unpacking to do.  We are not put together at all, and the summer days are calling the girls and screaming "what are we going to do today? Are we going swimming today?"  You can imagine, I have sooo much time for putting together a home.

Now, two more things.  One, the day we were moving we made our dream a little sweeter and got a trampoline for the flat backyard.  (All these years in the little blue house, we could never have a tramp like all the other cool families because our yard was on a freaking slope!  Hubs was quick to amend this uncool parenting reality, and we are so now the awesome new people on the cul de sac.) Yes, the net is going up.  No worries!

oh and that second thing I said I'd tell you.  There are snakes around here.  Seriously.  My dog caught one and was having so much fun.  Holy crap, I don't do snakes!  Even garter snakes.  No thank you!