Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Purple became my therapy last night, as I was eager for sleep, but babe had other plans. We sat together at the table, not knowing what on earth to make.  I rummaged through my supplies and found that I had...no purple!  Well, barely.  Can you believe it.  I have one color of dark acrylic, and barely any left!  Limited supplies aside, I took a piece of wood fence I found on a walk, and had a wonderful, purply, time.

Funny enough, I am so into purple this year.  I carry a purple purse, I have purple toes this summer, and I am wearing a purple shirt.  So, where are my purple art supplies?  I told myself, during this summer of color fabulous event, that I was not going to buy one art supply, and I haven't yet!  Working this week with nothing was tough, but worth it!  Click on my Summer of Color thingy dingy in my sidebar to see all the great purple art!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red and Brown, Way Behind, I know!

Hello, Hello!  I cannot believe how long it has been since I blogged.  (Mandy, I am totally fine, just so busy. Thanks for checking up on me.  I feel loved!)

I am behind in the Summer of Color too.  I thought summer would give me so much more time, but I am so mistaken!

So, about the pieces.  First off, this weeks Red.  If you know me, I battle addiction to Diet Coke.  This summer I have battled hard, and I am down to half my normal, drinking only about 2 cans a day.  This is huge for me, as I was at around 5!  And if I went to a movie, oh ya, I would suck up that chemical awesomeness and then refill, peeing about once or twice in the process.  Yes, I do miss movies because of this! I had great fun making my DC devil!

For Brown, which I found very hard and colorless!!!, I wrote, Brown, so colorless, so blah.  How you vex me so.  But from you, dear brown, we have the earth, and from the earth we have life, and in life, we can wish upon the stars.    I really like this girl reaching up for the stars too.  Simple, yet playful and good fun.

so, want a few pics from here and there this summer?  Sure you do!

 I love this one!
Hey, just so you know, this bottom pic is after-swimming, so hence the horrible hair and such. and my hair is not short like that...horrible pic.  I have a pony in! be kind!  Here is my cute family!

ok, this just makes me laugh!
and one last one. Summer of Color, right?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's Yellow Week!

I am so short on time, which makes me short with words.  So unlike me.  Yellow was a challenge, until I just gave in and decided to play with magazines.  And then, what fun I had!