Sunday, June 19, 2011

a few happy shots

Paiger finally turned 2.  This was a celebration for me more than anyone.  I made it two years with the hardest, most needy, child ever!  It was so hard to get her to take  pics. She doesn't like to stop moving.  So, I set up this little stage on our deck, and got a couple cute ones. I drank a little too much at her birthday, yes...I drank at her birthday, but all in all it was nice to celebrate this little lady!  Now, as long as i survive this year, I think I'll make it!


  1. hahaha! i got tipsy at brooke's second birthday party too!
    you got cute pics of your little pretty. good idea to make a stage to keep her somewhat contained for a few moments. the first balloon shot looks neat too.

  2. What a beautiful lot of photos..she is. adorable...from 2 to 3 is s price of you drink too much diet coke...wink wink...glad you all had a great the effect of the photos..what did you use?..have s good

  3. Great photos! She is truly adorable. Happy Birthday. I hope it is a fantastic year.

  4. What a beautiful little lady. Happy Birthday. I love that first balloon picture too!


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