Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Little Fixey Poo!

Sometimes, you just sit back and look.  Then, one last thought pops into your head, and you wonder if this is it, or if it is ruined forever.  I took the chance, whipped out my white out pen, and added white detail and words. That's all it took.  Complete.  So when in doubt, Believe in yourself and trust your gut!


adding this one here to The Butterfly Effect because my background is totally stamped!  Don't believe me...check it out HERE before I added in white to her cute little face yo!!!


Hello to you!  We are on spring break and life is fun and crazy.  Sleepovers and skating, and room make-overs and painting! It is a busy week, but last night, after skate city and cooking for a gaggle plus one, I pulled turned the kitchen into an art studio, my favorite way to use the kitchen!!!  This is the first journal prompt Believe from Mind. Body. Soul.       I am a little late as they are on week three I think, and this is week one, but I am busy with some of my own projects and so many girls everywhere!  (Sleepovers make for extra girls, and lots of silliness!)

The title here is Believe in the power of Be.  How I enjoyed playing, can you tell?  There are layers and layers of fun, and journaling.

In all honesty, I don't know if I am done.  I feel I may need to attack with my white out pen.  I am also crazy loving this bottom instagram, so I may print and add.  Who knows...it's journaling right...I can just keep going and going.

This is a cereal box, and I guess I am just going to make one massive cereal box journal right now. I was off to buy a nice new journal to work in, but then I got all lazy after Skate City, a car full of four girls, and taking four girls to Michaels is not a good idea!!!  I only had ONE coupon!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Living an artful life.

 This first piece, Brave, is just a simple sketch, very scratchy, with a PITT pen over paint on a chicken foam container thingy.  Yuk, but hey, another piece of garbage out of the garbage!

And this second piece, which I actually made the day before Brave, is on a fish foamy container thingy.  My hubs loves chicken and fish!  I adore this next piece, I call Hanging On and Letting Go. This was collaged first and then sketched on top.  I added a bow like because Kristin added a bow! hehe...

here is my instagram of it.  love.

and I already posted this this week, but I also finished... Untitled. Cardboard carved board, painted and collaged!

Now, I have done one more of these meat tray pieces, but it is not done.  Here is a sneak... It is titled Mama!!! Mother!!! Mom!!!

Thanks for looking and happy Paint Party Friday!.  I missed last week, but making up for it now!  :)

Now, show me some paw...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I don't have a title!

I just can't help but paint from this place most of the time.  Don't you want to live inside this cardboard?  I do.  Although, perhaps I do!  It did come from my mind afterall...my mind, my hands, my heart!

I hope you like!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A mini Pregnancy shoot!

These are of one of my besties, her first, and probably only, pregnancy.  She is 25 weeks along and loving every minute.  And giddy me, I get to take her photos the whole time.  This was a quick two minute impromptu shoot yesterday.  Good thing I brought Mr. Big!

and in other news, I have been working like crazy in my kitchen/studio.  I have so much going on, and new series, on lots of recycled goods.  Stay tuned... I will probably be blogging all week!!! Good Evening and Night, I. Am. Pooped!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello You!

I have been in tired mode this week.  So much to do, so little sleep (boo), job hunting (double boo!)

Today I think it all hit me.  My mom picked up P to go to the zoo, and for a needed change, I was going to have a couple hours to myself.  I guess my body had other ideas.  I laid down and slept for over four hours!  No gym, no art, no cleaning...just sleep.  Now, you may be happy I was able to do this, but I really had plans.  Finishing painting the hall, a run, and some art!  Alone time that I was looking forward to allllll week.  Alas, I slept, and I do feel better.  Now another rock in our road was my husbands work truck broke this week, and it is like a long fix, ordering special parts blah and stuff, and hubs has been leaving me stranded, you know...so he can work!  Not having my car, and using one car has been bummer soy sausage!  Happy Happy because tomorrow is Friday, and I am just not going to care about my lack of exercise this week, or the fact that I probably ate too much pasta, and back to life I go... after hopefully getting my fingers very dirty this weekend!

oh, just one more work in progress I am happy with...

This is my new fab scrap page.  I have to add my main shot, and my title and a tad more journaling, but I am loving this page.  Layers of me since P was born is basically where I am going with it...

Happy weekend. I hope you all get messy, or stay tidy, whichever!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

a work in progress, on this friday!

I have a WIP to share today.  This board, similar to my Dream Board, is slow going.  I have taken some Instagrams to share, as it is not complete.    ...

ok, maybe I should have stopped at this simple colorful board...but I just don't do that...

And this is where it's at...

at the same time, I am working on this board...

and last weekend, I worked on her...
her full post can be found here...

And it is fabulous Paint Party Friday, and an anniversary party!   You should totally join in! Woot!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A LOT of fotos to share with you! (not instagram!!!)

So, I am going through a bunch of recent shots I have taken of my gaggle, and I pulled a few...ok a lot more than a few,  to share here.  These were all taken since January of this year.  I really need to catch up on my editing and getting pictures to the right family type people!  I am so lagging...  you know, because I am painting!

I am pretty happy with my first months on manual, but I will be the first to admit, I don't whip out Mr. Big anymore.  That iphone and instagram have made me lazy, and I like it!

With spring so near, I am certain Mr. Big and I will become good friends again!  (Mr. Big is my Nikon! btw!!!)

and because I just cannot help myself...

another Hey Girl for you!