Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red and Brown, Way Behind, I know!

Hello, Hello!  I cannot believe how long it has been since I blogged.  (Mandy, I am totally fine, just so busy. Thanks for checking up on me.  I feel loved!)

I am behind in the Summer of Color too.  I thought summer would give me so much more time, but I am so mistaken!

So, about the pieces.  First off, this weeks Red.  If you know me, I battle addiction to Diet Coke.  This summer I have battled hard, and I am down to half my normal, drinking only about 2 cans a day.  This is huge for me, as I was at around 5!  And if I went to a movie, oh ya, I would suck up that chemical awesomeness and then refill, peeing about once or twice in the process.  Yes, I do miss movies because of this! I had great fun making my DC devil!

For Brown, which I found very hard and colorless!!!, I wrote, Brown, so colorless, so blah.  How you vex me so.  But from you, dear brown, we have the earth, and from the earth we have life, and in life, we can wish upon the stars.    I really like this girl reaching up for the stars too.  Simple, yet playful and good fun.

so, want a few pics from here and there this summer?  Sure you do!

 I love this one!
Hey, just so you know, this bottom pic is after-swimming, so hence the horrible hair and such. and my hair is not short like that...horrible pic.  I have a pony in! be kind!  Here is my cute family!

ok, this just makes me laugh!
and one last one. Summer of Color, right?


  1. Love your paintings and photos! Nice to meet you! Valerie

  2. Lovely pieces. Good luck with you addiction. :)

  3. know i am there with the diet coke and thats my treat i take to the movies, but only one bottle!!!5 a dayt...glad you have cut back!!!and i love your little girl reaching for the stars...gorgeous!!!take care and good luck with getting your purple one

  4. oh...your family snaps are gorgeous and wishing we were in summer right

  5. You have great whimsical approach to your art. I love it! The demon coke that gives you wings is a good one! What a lovely family, I love it when blogger buddies put up pics of people special in their lives. Julie

  6. Great family photos! Love seeing them all. I just laughed when I saw that you had combined the two colors 'cuz that was what I was going to do too! I missed brown week all together tho. Love your diet coke art - great red and brown choice and your dream piece is lovely with all the cutouts on it. The corregated texture on the coke piece is my fav tho. I must say that I do battle with my Pepsi One addiction too. I'm down to one a day now!
    Jessi xix

  7. I like your art and the pictures. My favorite is your brown piece. I love the flowers. You have a really cute family.

  8. Now honestly you could have joined red and brown - isn't diet coke brown? Love the wings, love your brown piece too. Brown was hard!

  9. You made me love with your diet coke addiction! Good luck with that!!!

    Your brown piece is wonderful and I love your family photos too.

    Your 'Summer of Colour' hanging basket is beautiful.

    Your post was a nice start to my day :)

  10. You made me laugh too! You are very funny, and (I agree with missy) your post is a great start to my day! :-D

    And I just LOVE both your pieces! I like your art-style, and it inspires me! :-))

  11. Glad to *see* you! & your family, what a lovely shot of you all together :) & of course your work is fabulous, lol @ your diet coke piece & love your words you put to *brown* kinda made me like the colour a bit more now :)

    xo Joanna

  12. Great photos! What a sweet, cute family you have! I love your work, especially your Brown page...really likin' that writing you did, too. Fabulous! Brown was hard, but you made it beautiful. Now I am in the thinking stage of Purples! ♥kathy

  13. Great idea to combine the two colours. Loved then both, the Coke one made me laugh. Your dream piece is just that very dreamy and lovely!

  14. What a fun post. Great looking family photos and the color pieces.

  15. I just adore you! LOVE your post (blah brown ;) and your Diet Coke Devil - so so fabulous. I share an addiction to iced coffee and although DC was my vice years ago, it IS still really wonderful right? Oh well. It has created some beautiful inspiration - love the cardboard wings . . . AND your family is just beautiful! What wonderful pictures (pony hair or not ;) - thanks for sharing them with us, xo

  16. Dear Daniele,
    I was missing you and hoping all was well with you. Life gets so busy sometimes and it makes it hard to keep up with blogging and such.
    I love your pieces. I have the same kind of addiction to coffee and chocolate. It's very hard to overcome. I can totally relate.
    I love the girl with the stars, what a sweet and beautiful picture. You are so creative and talented. I love all the colors and cutouts that you used.
    Your family is beautiful, looks like you're having a wonderful summer with them. Adorable pics.
    Hope all is well with you and glad to see you again. Have a beautiful week.

  17. Love the energy and lightheartedness in your brown piece - I think I'd enjoy that dream

  18. This is wonderful... love the corrugated wings and the diet coke... great post and love the family pics... so sweet...

    Jenny x

  19. i love your funny face girl with her gooey apple!
    i battled a diet coke addiction once upon a time too. and i didn't even have the slightest desire to change it. it was the first thing i wanted to taste every morning & it pleased my tongue all throughout every day. but when i got preg & read that it was bad for baby, it was time to get off the crack. i mean coke.


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