Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sunday Postcard Art, days late!

I am linking for the very first time to Sunday Postcard Art.  The theme was quirky, and I love being a little quirky.  She says, Feeling a tad upside down today.  Need Help!

and I've been gone a long long time and I know many are interested in hearing about the toilet bowl auction, from here.  So I will be back on Friday with the tale!  Woot!


  1. Totally quirky, cute....and relatable!!

    Hey, I need to get your new address....I have an envelope ready to go out to you ;)


    Can't wait to hear about the auction!

  2. She's perfectly quirky! I Love her style - and that butterfly bow tie is way cool! xoxo

  3. I reckon she'd have scored Gold in the 'lympics! She's awesome :0)

  4. Certainly quirky, love your postcard and yes don't we all feel a tad upside down on certain days..

  5. Toilet bowl auction? I think I've been missing some of your creative goings-on the last few weeks!! Love the way you interpreted the upside down theme, but I ALWAYS love your style.
    And I seriously want your hair. Seriously. :)


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