Friday, April 5, 2013

29 faces Continued!

It has been forever, I am aware.  In Feb, I joined in on 29 Faces, but an awesome sauce trip to NY stopped me in my tracks.  When I got home, I worked a little more, but never completed the month.  Here are some more of my faces.  Scroll down to see the ones I did in the beginning!

ok, a couple are not full faces, but practice is practice you know!

 Um, my fav zombie girl so far!  I love how her mouth is slightly open.  Hungry!

this last one is really a paint over collage...a mag pic.  This journal page is not done yet, but loving it! S


  1. Seriously, that first eye is stunning! Love the others too.

  2. You are drawing some awesome faces and features. I love your journal page too.


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