Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Exciting Artistic Ventures!

Long long awaited post this one is and not a good habit to get into, I know! but here I am, back at my puter to explain why...  Um, three kids, remember this!, and a new commitment to my studio, and the gym (important), ...and last, but not least exciting, is a grand new shop opening in downtown Brighton Colorado called Eye Candy of Brighton, where my art, originals and prints, will be sold!!!  yup, true that!  It all happened when I contacted the owner about teaching workshops at this new fabulous shop.  Not only am I going to be doing so (Eeee, giddy meeeee!) but she also said she would be thrilled to have my work for sale there.  Oh, lovely day...we talked for hours and connected right away.

oh quick side fun... I also worked on this this week...for fun!

Now back to my story! Not all days have been hunky dory.  As I focused my attention on some new pieces, I begin to question what I was doing and why.  Was my art authentic, and what makes it so.  Around and around I went and did come to the conclusion that I was very happy with this path, but I won't put out pieces that I am unhappy with, and I won't mass produce anything.  My pieces still need to flow from my painted hands, from my spirit.  And I wonder what little story the buyer may have for them?

So alas, here are two new canvas pieces for the shop.  And I have been having a huge love affair with beeswax.  It started long ago, but then we split for a bit, and now we're back together making a mess of my stove and fuming the house with sweet goodness!

This second one reminds me a bit of Suzi Blue's work.  I had great issue with this at first, and she uses beeswax over her girls as well...so ya.  I was unhappy with the similarities, but then I was like, hey, every person that you learn from, or admire etc... is going to influence your style.  I feel the top represents how I draw pretty girls, but why should I be unhappy with this second piece?  I shouldn't!  So, although not my favorite, I do love her little story in my mind.  I have been asked why she is sad, and if I'm sad, and I'll tell you...she simply longs for the wind to blow through her pink hair! She is just longing and waiting amongst the beautiful K&Co butterflies and flowers!  True story! And don't those flowers look yummy with wax all over them?  I think they do!

Also in the new shop are a couple of my old cardboard carved paintings, and a painted collage, more abstract.  I am working to add a new piece once a week for a while!  We'll see how it all goes...

Happy Day!


  1. I love both of these girls. The beeswax adds so much dimension and texture. I'm happy that you have this wonderful opportunity to sell your work and to teach classes. It would be so fun to see your art in person. It is okay to work and stay away from the computer. I too need to do that. Good luck with all the creativity going on there.

  2. All such exciting news!! I agree - we are all going to be influenced by what's around us - and it is the taking of that inspiration and making it our own that brings us to where our art wants to be. We are influenced for a reason - because it is our esthetic too ;) I'm happy you have found your home - both in art, wax and that new shop! Very cool and very beautiful work! LOVE the pink hair ;) xoxoxo

  3. Eeeekkkk! So happy for you! This is a happy day indeed. :) There are so many wonderful things happening now and on the horizon for you my creative, talented friend. Ohhh, the possibilities! Keep it up and continue to carve out time for you...which I know can be hard with 3 kidlets. Hugs to you on your happy day - you deserve it!!

  4. Congrats, Daniele! So excited to hear your great news! And I adore these new pieces from your studio! I think they are authentic and wonderfully YOU, all the way! Beautiful!:-)

  5. I have not tried beeswax yet and sooooo want to try it!
    Congrats on the collaboration with Eye Candy!! That is super exciting and a great motivator to keep on creating and let your artistic voice sing!
    You are amazing....and uniquely magical...any similarities to other artists work is interpretational and certainly not intential....so it's all good!!

  6. I am truly excited for you and your new adventure. What an amazingly magical experience and opportunity for you to create and be the wonderful and magical being that you are. How very wonderful for the world!
    So excited to see you next week, it's going to be amazing!!

  7. EEEK!!!! So excited for you Daniele! That is just fantastic news about teaching the workshops AND selling your work there. I'm sure the two will work well together...your art will sell your workshops and your workshops will sell your art (I hope that makes sense!). And I'm totally with Kristin on the influence thing... we're influenced for a reason, and when we have learned from those who influence us we step it up a notch and make it our own... it's a neverending cycle of learning, mastering, raising the bar, learning, mastering, raising the bar...

  8. Daniele! A huge congrats to you!!! What a great opportunity! I'm sure your stuff will do very well at the shop! And yes, I'd be very interested to hear what you find out about printers, etc.
    And your tattoos from the other 2 posts are just gorgeous! The rose is beautiful, and I love the idea of the birds representing your kids! :)

  9. Yay...very exciting..Many Congratulations to you..shine on..

  10. Sounds like a ton of artsy excitement in your world! Many blessings on all your efforts..I LOVE the beeswax. I've never tried it but it's on my list! :)

  11. Sounds like a ton of artsy excitement in your world! Many blessings on all your efforts..I LOVE the beeswax. I've never tried it but it's on my list! :)


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