Monday, May 16, 2011

a good weekend.

taken by hubs at a party.  I love the warm colors, and my new necklace!  Paige walked around all day showing everyone her butterfly!

I got to spend time, individually, with four of my favorite friends.  These days, that just doesn't happen.  And I even had a lunch date, and a milkshake date!  I also took photos of my friend's cute little 1 year old girl. 

not really sure which foto to share, so here is one of my favs! I am now in total editing mode.  I wonder what boredom is? 

Last weekend was a busy one too.  Of course my middle girl turned 9. We had a party as skate city, and babe skated!  It was crazy cute to see such a little person skating. And she was fantastic!

These took some excessive editing, as it was like pitch black!  I got some cool action shots with the lights and disco ball, but have yet to tackle those.

All and all, there have been some trying days this past week, but the weekends have made up for them. The girls pull me all around, and in all different directions, when honestly, I just want my me time.  But, summer starts for us this Thursday, so I am thinking things may settle a little for summer.  Now, how to handle all the fighting!  ugh, a constant challenge!


  1. Beautiful photos - beautiful children! I love your necklace too. penny

  2. LOVE your necklace!! It's the first thing I noticed when your blog popped up!!! where'd you get it?? :)

  3. Me too - I noticed that beautiful necklace right away! Your photos are stunning - LOVE that one of your baby on skates - hope you had a wonderful party. I really enjoyed catching up with you - your scrapbook below is sooo cool, xo

  4. isn't editing wonderful? you can really make some magic when you put in the time to work at it & try everything.
    i'm glad you guys are almost to summer vaca. i declared ours to have started last week. i just can't do school & deal with family problems, get us ready for vacation this week & then move 2 weeks after getting home from vaca. something had to give.

  5. I LOVE your editing *style* such fun!!! & love those skates, can't wait to see more :) & can totally relate to the summer time fighting... oh my gosh last summer they had brouht arguing to a whole new level :/ Hopefully this year will be better for us all around!

  6. you live with constant fighting too?!? God, it's exhausting. Great pics as always. Loved the roller skating one. I get a little nostalgic for roller skating, after all.

  7. Such great shots and editing! Also, let me know if you get that fighting thing figured out... :)


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