Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Instagram time!

So, this is my fridge.  Exciting!  I painted it a few years back with chalkboard paint, but had loads of problems with the handles.  I tried many things, but the paint did not want to stick. So, I fixed it.  Do we look like we're tennis players now??? All my kitchen cupboards are also painted.  It is wicked fun!

Now, I have had very little time to do anything very fun.  But when a free shutterfly book came in the mail, I will show more of this coming soon, I had fun with some sharpies on the cover.  The plan for these little books is to completely alter them, even though they are digi!  It was wicked fun, and since I am in no way able to take out my supplies, a few sharpies during dishes is a huge smile maker! More on my plans with this later!!! I am adding a crown to Maddy's head too.  Of course!

A Paige moment.

Paige picked up flowers! Hubs is showing his off!

I drink this!!!

And my beloved Smash book.  This is my cover so far.  I swear without this and my little digi book up there, this past week would have been sad indeed.  Well, you know, sad because I have so much in my mind and no spare moments to work!!!

Good Wednesday to you!!!


  1. that green mess doesn't look tasty, though the colors are pretty. how does it taste? and does it make you poo green?

  2. I LOVE how you altered that digi book! That is such a great idea. Total yes for a crown...every girl needs one. :) Oh, and your green drink...amazing how something that color can actually taste good!!

  3. ROCK ON CHALKBOARD PAINT SISTER!!!! love it! i love the tennis tape because well you know color is cool. have you tried spraying the handles/hinges with kind of spray paint that you can use on bbq grills. that sticks to everything... i think. anyway it's tough and super mate black. just a thought.
    you must share what the green drink is!

  4. Yeah...i get the sad you mean....but i love love love all that you u have shown rock!!!!!!!xxx

  5. Thanks for sharing! Your fridge is amazing! I love it~
    Yes, I think we all need crowns ;D
    What does the green drink tastes like?!
    I get the sad, it is vacation week and lots going on. I'm
    trying to capture my creative ideas and past them in a journal
    or sketch them out of later~

  6. Yes...that is 3...and i think high school will be full on for me...but really looking forward to it...wonderful science experiments and field a great

  7. What is that green drink? I first thought it was guacamole! (yum). It's great to see the way you squeeze the art in.. and I seriously NEED one of those smash books for my birthday, even your little peek at your cover makes me want one, it looks fab!

  8. Um, what's that green stuff anyway!? I LOVE your fridge and those photos are so stinkin cute! Thanks for sharing lady! xoxo

  9. I am a believer in the green smoothie...even our cat likes them...haha! Makes you feel soooo good :)

    I always love your photos....this blog really is such a lovely tribute to your family and the adventures that make you the artist and mother you are!


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