Sunday, April 22, 2012

a little more ink!

 Today, Happy Daniele got more ink!

 This is the same shot, unedited.  I think they both look pretty wicked.  Amazing what this little phone can do!

The back done. ...for now.

Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.  Here is the full quote:
Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.
Harvey Fierstein

I will totally take a close shot of this when it is all healed to share.  As you can see, I'm puffy and red!

and I have some pink hair!!!  I did not edit these.  Real color!  I really only did this on a couple chunks of hair, the rest is still brown!

um, I have a horribly funny nose, which I have just, kinda, come to terms with.  It is wickedly crooked as...I had a cleft lip when I was born!

and tiny birdies on the front. And hubs took some different shots. (all with my iphone this time!) ...and now you can see my lip.  Just a little lift from the surgery.  No one really notices but me.  And now you will!!!

some of John's airbrushing art on his walls.

and when I got home, I took a quick little shot of the tiny flying birdies.  I was going to have him write fly free (for my three little birdies) but I was just so done for the day. Today's work hurt like a ... (beeeeep!!!)

It has been a crazy busy week.  No art whatsoever.  Big sad face here. But, I did get my body art, so happy day!


  1. Awe . . . . very cool post! I Love the phone shots and the little birdies!!! Beautiful symbolism and beautiful YOU!! Fabulous shot of the new pink hair too - you rock!
    AND I love your new sidebar description! I think I am starting to talk like you too, btw . . . xoxoxo

  2. looks saw but it will be besutiful when its healed....i love those little birds too ...i should so get a tatt ...but i am such a wuss and then when i think yes i could but then picture me all wrinkled with a saggy tatt...(wrinkles already started for me lol) old man...hahaha....great photos...what's next?

  3. Love your new body art Daniele... the words and the birdies... gorgeous... and how fab is the pink in your hair... l-o-v-e it!!! My son in law is a tattoo artist... his artwork is magical... all three of my kids have at least one tattoo which are fabulous... and I keep saying I wouldn't mind a small one but I can never quite summon up the

    Jenny x

  4. I love the quote and the pretty tattoo. I love the pink in your hair too. I think that you are beautiful.

  5. Awesome birds. I have considered birds on my neck, but I don't know when I will ever do it. ha!
    I love the quote, so beautiful. Your pink hair rocks! You are just such a groovy chick! :)

  6. What a perfect quote; and the birdies for your three, are so sweet. Love your bravery in sharing all of this and how all of this makes YOU. :D
    Catherine Denton

  7. i would never have noticed any problem with your nose or lip. but since you point them out, i think they add character and uniqueness to your face that goes so nicely with your beautiful eyes and pink hair. perfectly symmetrical isn't very artistic, is it?

  8. I like quirks and think our little imperfections are what make us cute as heck! You are so brave and awesome to rock pink hair! I am just not courageous enough (or rich enough either....haha!) to represent myself on the outside the way I'd really like...

    Good for you for being true to yourself! You're my style hero :)

  9. You are so pretty, Daniele...and now you are Walking Art!!

    And what am I? Geesh, I'm in the .01 percent of the planet that doesn't have one of those awesome phones!! I want one of those, your pics are so cool!

  10. I think you're cool!! AND super nice AND super pretty! What was your name again? (tee hee) xoxoxo


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