Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Random post, and a sneak peak!

Lots of family loving going on this week.

This lovely turned 10!  We had a huge sleepover which was tiring and awesome all the same.  (And a special bloggy friend sent my girl this cute purse!!!  Seriously, is there anything cuter? And it makes me get weepy thinking how special our bloggy relationships truly are!  Weep!)

I made a strawberry cake with lemonade frosting. It was NOT healthy, and it was so freaking yummy!

I cut up my faces! But you still don't know what I am doing!!!  

and I've been working on a fun scrapbook series, and because I am so nice, I will share them on Friday!

In the midst of kids and cake and kids and cleaning, and art, and cleaning... I did some editing too.  

I'm putting together a mini session photo shoot coming soon too.  That will help fund a very fun adventure this fall!

A little side note. I am sitting here with an old, like from last summer, Artful Blogging in my lap.  For some reason I had always meant to read this one article from Jodi Ohl, but I never did. Well, recycling is what I do best, and I was going through old mags to get rid of, or keep if need be, and I noticed I had a bookmarked her article and never read it.  So I did, and I just want to share how inspired I am by what she wrote.  I am going to read again, and digest, and I'll be back tomorrow to share her article.  I think it's a great one for all aspiring people aspiring to do anything.  Very motivating.  So, back atcha tomorrow...LATE!  :P


  1. YOU are soooo multi-talented! Those pictures of your girls are fabulous. You may have said already...but, what do you use to edit your pics? Looking forward to hearing about Jodi's article and seeing some scrap-bookie love! :)

  2. Oooh, what a beautiful post! I love this so much - and yes, you make cute babies! LOVE! xoxo

  3. Loving your great post and the picture of your birthday girl is fab with her new bag. x

  4. Gorgeous photos Daniele... and happy birthday to your beautiful daughter... that cake looks awesome... and you have me wondering with the faces... I will be back to see :))

    Jenny x

  5. I love all your pictures and the tantalizing bits that you hopefully will share in the near future.

  6. Those pictures are incredible! Happy Birthday to your special girl!!
    Always love to see what you've been up to!

  7. I love your pics. Always! They speak so much genuine beauty to the soul. Happy Birthday to your daughter...hooray for yummy cake. Birthday calories don't count, even if it's not your own. :)


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