Monday, May 21, 2012

Hey Girl!

 I saw this on on FB the other day and loved it!  Owls everywhere.  But I adore them so!

 One of my besties pinned this for me!  haha.  Love it!

You thoughtful little thing!

So, I just needed something that made me smile a bit.  I was taking a break from some serious acid inducing stress on Pinterest.  Suddenly, I had to do a fun little blog post!  Want to hear something cute? I love the Hey Girl trend so much, sometimes I just want to pee my pants, and my hubs now says funny little things like ...blah blah blah, after we cuddle!  Hehe.  He actually doesn't find them so funny, but thinks it's funny that I do.  Whatever, I think he does deep inside!

ok, I know I've posted this one...but it's my fav, so enjoy again!

oh, and this one rocks.  I love the pose!


  1. He's so dream! I LOVE these - especially the total understanding about Pinterest . . .
    Awesome, xoxo!

  2. Yep, these are totally funny!! *sigh* If only the Husbands understood....haha!

  3. Oh golly!
    I think TODAY is your day . . . xoxoxoxo

  4. That Michael's one is so funny my side hurts...oooooh my goodness, good laughs!! :)

  5. Oh my gosh, these are sooo awesomely funny! I love them. haha. You're a nut!! And I love that too. :)

  6. What the...was just checking in on how you were and saw my comment didn't work....ih well...very funny...he is slightly pleasing on the eye is he not...tho i must say i am more of a professor snape kinda checking in to see how things are


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