Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paint Your Story

I am signed up for the fab Mindy Lacefield's ecourse Paint Your Story.  When I signed up, it was all I wanted to do.  Sadly, I have had maybe a few minutes in the past few weeks, and it doesn't look like life is getting any easier.  My fault, I know!  Breeder here.  My mom says, well, you had these kids.  Thanks Mom!

I am pretty bummed about lack of time.  It eats at me daily, especially when a young miss loves to scream her head off and bite.  She's special I tell you.  Honestly, she is the freaking smartest kid I've ever met, also the baby of the household, and really really good at manipulation.  This kid can pull at every string imaginable, and in the process, I had to dye my hair pink, in hopes that this kid is not noticeably aging me.    I digress, eh? Goodness, sometimes I just have to let that out, you know, to people who want to read.

Back to Mindy.  Her class rocks.  I wish I could really participate.  In the few minutes here and there while cooking or something, I grab this little journal and have randomly done a few of the exercises.  I am eager to catch up as the work posted is looking so fab!

Here is a little pieces of that journal.

Doodles, marks...

Words, symbols, paint...

Faces.  This I want to spend much more time on, and plan on it.  The fun thing about these little faces is they are so quick and I don't think at all... so when that kid is screaming and throwing her fits, I can just stand in the kitchen and ignore the delightful sounds of an almost three-year-old. and make a Mindyish face.  

These girls were not part of her class, I just started drawing her loose faces, and went from there.  Just for fun really.  I think this girl is hilarious.  I think she is jealous of that cute girl's bow!

Pics with my phone.  Getting lazy huh?  well, remember that whole time thing!

This week the class is working on backgrounds.  I am excited to play with this, as I love making backgrounds, and what is so fun for me, is how Mindy creates and gives such simple and new ideas.  It will be interesting to see where I go from her class back to my own work.  As much as I adore Mindy's style, I am never interested in creating like someone else.  But what an inspiration she is.  

If I survive any more days with my third youngling, I'll be back, hopefully in much better spirits, next week!  Woot!

and a little fun for PPF~

Sunday, April 22, 2012

a little more ink!

 Today, Happy Daniele got more ink!

 This is the same shot, unedited.  I think they both look pretty wicked.  Amazing what this little phone can do!

The back done. ...for now.

Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.  Here is the full quote:
Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.
Harvey Fierstein

I will totally take a close shot of this when it is all healed to share.  As you can see, I'm puffy and red!

and I have some pink hair!!!  I did not edit these.  Real color!  I really only did this on a couple chunks of hair, the rest is still brown!

um, I have a horribly funny nose, which I have just, kinda, come to terms with.  It is wickedly crooked as...I had a cleft lip when I was born!

and tiny birdies on the front. And hubs took some different shots. (all with my iphone this time!) ...and now you can see my lip.  Just a little lift from the surgery.  No one really notices but me.  And now you will!!!

some of John's airbrushing art on his walls.

and when I got home, I took a quick little shot of the tiny flying birdies.  I was going to have him write fly free (for my three little birdies) but I was just so done for the day. Today's work hurt like a ... (beeeeep!!!)

It has been a crazy busy week.  No art whatsoever.  Big sad face here. But, I did get my body art, so happy day!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A quickity quick quick WIP post!

I don't know if you remember my last WIP post, but this carved cardboard has been my big project not getting worked on!  Well, tonight, I did a little work, and am very pleased yes indeedy!  I feel this piece coming together and am confident it will be done this weekend.  And I promise, when it is, I will take real photos for you instead of relying on my new crutch.  But we know I am in LOVE with my iphone kind!  Mr. Big is a lot more work!

and I got many comments on my green drink down below.  well, it is some OJ, water, some frozen peaches and maybe mango, and frozen berries, and a TON of spinach.  And it is GOOOOOOOD!  So, get blending!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Instagram time!

So, this is my fridge.  Exciting!  I painted it a few years back with chalkboard paint, but had loads of problems with the handles.  I tried many things, but the paint did not want to stick. So, I fixed it.  Do we look like we're tennis players now??? All my kitchen cupboards are also painted.  It is wicked fun!

Now, I have had very little time to do anything very fun.  But when a free shutterfly book came in the mail, I will show more of this coming soon, I had fun with some sharpies on the cover.  The plan for these little books is to completely alter them, even though they are digi!  It was wicked fun, and since I am in no way able to take out my supplies, a few sharpies during dishes is a huge smile maker! More on my plans with this later!!! I am adding a crown to Maddy's head too.  Of course!

A Paige moment.

Paige picked up flowers! Hubs is showing his off!

I drink this!!!

And my beloved Smash book.  This is my cover so far.  I swear without this and my little digi book up there, this past week would have been sad indeed.  Well, you know, sad because I have so much in my mind and no spare moments to work!!!

Good Wednesday to you!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A whole week

and I am just posting.  Does the crazynessesesesesessss of life just take you away?  I think it may be the crazynessesesesessss of children really!

So happy Spring break, and Happy Easter and Happy Happy Day to you!!!

I have many little projects that I am trying to work on, but only one little Instagramed face to share with you!

 In My Smash Book!
 oh , and working on my board too.
Seeeee you soooon!!!  :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today, my long awaited cover up got done.  This bad ass dude is one of my husband's awesome friends, and that cute dog is Brain, his best friend ever!  Brain is learning the biz!  I am wickedly crazy about how these shots turned out, thank you dear hubs.  This last one is not really true to color, but if you scroll up you can see the light on my skin and that color is pretty accurate, but with more color.  So vibrant.  oh, I cannot even believe how this all blended together so well. I am not done yet of course.  I am adding in a saying I found on Pinterest which just suits me perfectly.  "Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself".  I am adding this in next month when I get my retouches done.

These shots really want to make me become a tattoo artist.  I asked him if I can one day be his apprentice, and cool dude was like sure!  so hey, you never ever know!  Stay tuned next month for more bad ass shots of needles and ink! and if you wonder, this summer, three birdies!  I bet some of you may guess why!!!