Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It has been so long since I have blogged.  This is so very unlike me.  I am ever so overwhelmed with three chicks.  Back to school fever, and busy to dos, toddler so active and busy, heat so intense...  I have not picked up my camera or a paintbrush.  I feel I am waiting for fall.  Cooler days, nap times, and everyone settled in.  Life is just a rush right now, clothes to put away...I shouldn't even be writing this now.

I will be back soon.  Very soon.  I feel fall is so close, but I can't yet touch it.  My pumpkin vines are stretching, but not yet showing me any fruit.


  1. i'm glad to see you posted something today.you've been noticably absent lately. i'm sad to see summer ending because with it goes our freedom to lounge & laze about. however, i'll be awfully happy to see the end of 100 degree temps that melt us & burn us.

  2. Hello friend, I have missed you, but I can soooo totally relate. I haven't been in bloggy mode for awhile either. Is it just me or has this summer seemed to be endless. I too, am so looking forward to Fall and all the delicious magic it brings. I may have to draw some pumpkins now. I hope you are well. I look forward to seeing what inspiration comes from fall, for you! Have a beautiful day/week. :)

  3. Life does happen sometimes..I gave been quiet if late..my dear mother in law got very sick and sadly passed away...I am not sure when I will blog next but trying to visit some blogging friends to lighten my soul...hugs to you...xxx

  4. It seems to have been one of those summers. I hope that you get a chance to catch your breath and slow down a bit soon.

  5. Ha! That's So Funny! ME too - my dad told me to get on the ball (kindly ;) and post something already . . . that's what the picture of the little Slam Dunk is about. We are all in the same boat - and will get back to it!
    BTW, thanks for the sweet note - the picture was taken underneath our basketball hoop which was on the lowest setting - and daddy was right out of the frame to catch her if need be. Questionable parenting = great shots! xoxo


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