Monday, August 29, 2011

Changes are coming!

Fall is getting near.  I am suddenly energized to work.  Bringing my home back together, after a summer of fun, children everywhere.  I am ready to write, to shoot, and to scrap.  I am eager to make huge messes with paint, and wear it everywhere!  I have been sleeping lots, and am rested during the day.  I can take on this thing called life, at least I know I can today!

Packing up some paintings to submit. Fingers Crossed!

Back to school.  My oldest started middle school.  Life is changing.

And when summer is nearing its end, we have fruit!

and babe made her first collage!


  1. you're rested & motivated & relaxed? who is this new person?

  2. I am glad that you are getting energized and ready to go. I hope that you have a great fall and can enjoy your art making and writing. I have a week until my older kids go back to school. I am using this time to have them help me get my studio organized, so I am ready to create this fall.

  3. Hooray for the coming of Fall and all things orange, spooky, sweet and slightly haunting. :) I love this time of year, the anticipation of the most inspiring time of the year. It is true magic. I'm excited to hear about what you're submitting and how it all goes, happy thoughts headed your way. Yippee! Sounds like all is gong well. :) Peace to you, my friend!

  4. I have the need to get busy with arting too...I have been too sad to create but now I miss it and have a need to try something new for me ...we are getting waRmer days and my dreaded 7 week flu is nearly over...hooray! I think I know just how you feel....its exciting isn't

  5. Oh!! Fingers crossed and eyes winking ;) (that sounds scary) GOOD luck - with the submissions and the mojo! I am feeling the same - like I'm just getting back to reality - and a schedule . . . thank you for your sweet message too - hope you like the mag ;) xoxo

  6. How wonderful it is to hear you in good spirits!!! Oh I'm crossing all of my fingers & toes for you, you so deserve it because you're amazing & your work is amazing! Good luck to the kiddies as well as they begin school!!

    xo Joanna

  7. I feel the same way right now. Ready to get everything in order again in the house after a summer of fun. Can't wait to see what you do with the paints!


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