Monday, August 8, 2011

Finishing up

Summer of Color  How wonderful it is to be in a community of artists.  I am so grateful for this experience, and have created new pieces I would have never created!  I am excited to spend some time looking at all your collections this week, and hope to catch up on those I missed.  Loving this journey!

Sitting pretty on my piano, until I know what to do with them! are a couple pics of my daughters colorful works too!

Click here for my slideshow!

I just love colorful play everywhere. My house is filled with it.  And although I may go crazy each and everyday, I would not trade my colorful life, just as it is, for anything! It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to!

Despite the intense heat, Maddy is back to school this week, and Kelsey about to follow.  It has been a crazy summer trying to keep these girls busy.  But don't worry, we have had plenty of movie and Xbox too! I have been in do mode, but not really accomplishing anything.  I suppose that is the glory of summer!  My DSLR took a bad crash this summer, and I have been mostly taking pics with my phone. My little backup has turned out to be great fun for me.  Here are a few pics of my gaggle this summer.

  We have spent lots of time running around in grass, swimming, and...
I really fell in love with my new shelter girl Bella!
 and I let baby makes lots of messes, cuz that's how I roll!

and Paiger turned two and I set up a little photo shoot on my deck.
Kelsey tolerates my picture taking...
 while Maddy poses and poses!
 Baby plays with her babies all day, and loves pictures!

 And we all have fun at museums, especially is wacky mirrors!

 and once in a while, the olders make me dinner.  They throw beach towels on the table and cook pasta...and give me a diet coke, even though I had already had my quota! And they serve me on Power Puff girls plates!
All in all, it was a pretty nice summer.  I am eager for Fall, the smell, the colors, the coolness.  I am eager to have the olders in school so I can to to the gym.  I am looking forward to getting a new lens, and taking new fotos, and maybe developing more of my style in photography. ...lens baby anyone?   I am eager to work on my writing, and get my projects into my mentor on time.  So here's to fall...I hope it comes soon! Happy happy end of summer days to you all, and don't drink too much diet coke, let's have an iced coffee, shall we?


  1. Oooh, I love this post! First of all, your babies are beautiful and I love the smiles in all the pictures! The one with your baby in paint and a smile is the very best - you can see the joy in your family - it comes out in your art, writing and pictures! AND I love seeing all of your "wares" on the piano - now get them out to Somerset ;) & Okay, Iced coffee it is . . . xoxo

  2. Great post. Love all your art but your gorgeous family is the star of the show.

  3. oh you...i love your little family snapshots...thankyou for sharing them...your art work looks gorgeous against that woodwork and wall...thankyou for your inspiration and geez...just being you!!!! know i'll never give up the old diet coke...i wish i could...thewre are worse things to be addicted

  4. I agree with Lesley - what a fun filled Summer it looks like you've had with your family and time for art too which is always great.

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I was so chuffed :)

    (in case that's a strictly UK phrase - it means I was really happy and pleased!!)

  5. I can see your summer was a Summer of Color!!! Love all your photos. Beautiful children and a darling doggie, not to mention your great art!

  6. Great posting, love your babies, so fun and such great art. xx

  7. lovely to see your pieces again and all hangin together on the computer - interesting to see the different sizes.

    Love the tummy painting - sounds like a lot of fun

  8. I feel the same way. I would never do the pieces I did if it wasn't for the challenge. :) Your girls are adorable. Have fun!

  9. You are braver than I am letting your baby play with the paint. I like all your photos and your lovely art.

  10. I love your gorgeous artwork and your family pics are adorable... beautiful photos... and so much joy...

    Jenny x

  11. What a fab post, beautiful pics! Your Summer of Colour collection looks amazing together!.. Jan x

  12. I just adore seeing your girls, they're so full of life and spirit! & how wonderful is it that you have your art throughout your house! There's no better way than to enjoy it all than to have it surrounding you always!

    xo Joanna

  13. What great photos, I really enjoyed looking at your sweet kiddos, especially the painted one! lol! Love your collection of art from the challenge...I set my stuff on my piano, too!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  14. OH, that photo with the balloons is wonderful!! What sweet kids you've got- each with their own personality!

    And you know, I hadn't even realized my book wasn't up on the blog anymore. When I got it redesigned, that icon must have gotten lost in the shuffle! I'll have to see if I can figure out how to get it back up there!


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