Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vegasy Fun, reality, and a new baby.

We only used our phone this weekend, as we were not there for site seeing!  We had loads of fun, with no guilt, loads to drink, with no guilt, loads of food, with no guilt, and lots of pool time and happy times!  We saw a show, dressed pretty, and I made it a over two days away from Paiger.  I was very happy to get home to my babies though.  Very very happy.  Now what do you think of my dress up pics up there?  Misses Mia Wallace?

Grainy but awesome! After O, feeling all lovely and stuff!

and one more collage of phone fotos, for your viewing pleasure!

ah, back to reality, and boy has reality set in.  2 year old Paiger, whom I've never left more than a few hours, loved every second with Grandma, and all the attention.  Sadly, 11 year old Kelsey pretty much shut down while I was gone, and has been struggling to come up ever since.  When things started looking up and up, a sudden down hit, and tonight has been hard.  After cuddling babe to sleep, I then got in bed with Kels, and also, rocked her to sleep.  After some deep breaths, I can only now hope that tomorrow she wakes up well, and stays in school.  I'm not going anywhere for a long long time!

and just for fun, I got to take some photos of a newborn today!  Here are a couple I love.


  1. you take the best pictures! i'm glad you were able to have such a blast with your honey. it's like getting put on the charger - your batteries got boosted back up.
    did kels wake back up okay today? brooke does that too sometimes, but she usually wakes up like a new girl the next day. it's like that night of sleep brings her back around most of the time.
    oh and in answer to your question, i stopped eating meat 12 years ago. i got sick of feeling yucky & draggy all the time & i'd heard that giving up animal products might help. i tried it, it worked & poof, i was a vegetarian.

  2. You. Look. Maaarvolus!! (The spelling is phonetic ;) And you make such a cute couple! Hope you loved O and had a great time with your friends and hubby. It's so hard to be without the babies I know, but I bet Grandma loved it!
    Oh, and thank you for your comment - I was totally cracking up - and yes you can! It's totally like finger painting . . . xoxo

  3. Glad you had a ball...need a break soon myself I reckon...hope ja is all good and happening today...and I love all your fun photos and those bambino!!!..happy

  4. Oops...blooming phone..I meant hope kels is all good..word prediction can be annoying sonetimes...

  5. I'm sorry to hear that Kels had a hard time...sometimes a bit of mom sanity away from it all makes it worth it so that YOU're able to cope better. Prayers to you & to her so that tomorrow will be a better day...It looks like you had a fabulous time on your trip, phone pics and all! & that baby is so squishy! :love:

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time on your trip. I hope your daughter is doing better and feeling happy to have you home again. I think we all need to get away sometimes, so we can be refreshed and rejuvenated.
    Sweet baby pics too! :) You look fantastic. Go you!!


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