Saturday, September 10, 2011

What makes me feel good?

Real people.  I am one of those that just cannot keep up with my perfect friends, or seemingly perfect blog friends.  I know so many moms, and man they seem to have their you-know-what together.  Me, not so much.  I always have my hair pulled back in a pony, or a head rag, or even a cute hat.  These days I am almost always in workout clothes, but I do workout LOTS! After spinning or something, I take a shower, and put on clean workout clothes, and that is how I stay all day!  I do my hair now like 5 times a year. Although I do love a little make-up! I rarely put on heals, although when I do, I feel like awesome sauce!  I don't have time to learn the things I'd like, I don't get my writing assignments in on time, I don't keep up on fb, and my house, although I clean alllll the time, is always a mess. I rarely ever scrap and paint, but I long to do so.

Since school is back, and I am not homeschooling anymore (big jump for joy) I have decided to dedicate any spare time I have to getting myself back into really great shape.  I have always, before Paiger, made fitness and health a serious priority, and turning 35 this summer made me come to terms with how I want to enter the next stage of life.  Sadly, to do this, I have put away most of my art supplies.  They will come out, I just don't know when.  I hope soon.  And until then, I have a phat D7000 in my hands everywhere, although I don't know how to use it!

Today, the fam and I went to an outdoor charity concert that my friend big D was singing at.  I was crazy happy with my new camera.  Here is one from today.

Ya, he rocks.  My oldest was very excited when he went a little metal, and my youngest talked about Devon singing all night!  Excitement for the whole fam!

My friend Kristi grabbed my camera and got nice and close.  Thanks K.  I look swell! Ha! And my hair was totally, in a pony!

Hey, good luck balancing my big Paiger with your skinny boy!  ha...these two are actually going to get married.  Already arranged!  ...That dancing queen back there is my oldest, Kelsey.  Dancing to her own beat, or maybe Devon's!

and just for cuteness sakes... ya, that's my cute son-in-law to be!

First day with my new love, and no subjects.... self mirror portraits just because. This one was my fav, minus the nasty yellow lighting.  Must edit this one soon.

So, thank you to all of you that don't sugar coat your lives.  If you're a mom with 5 and you always look awesome and your house is clean, more power to you! ...but just don't come over unannounced.

And this week I took rad pics of my baby painting.  Maybe a post for tomorrow?


  1. Ha ha ha..I am so with you...I am so far from perfect its not have fitness..that's what makes us a little different..I an about 15 kilos overweight..very sad..and I have to home no me time..oh well..I am passionate about taking Jacobs twin out and home schooling her too...I am a teacher..always will be so why not own!...but I an happy even tho I. CLean all day and my house is always a mess!..its all good!...take

  2. I am sooo jelly of that camera--you go girl, pony and all! I just love the dancing queen picture...ahh, to have a young ones again. NOPE, just kidding my little brown eyed girl is all grown up. Check out this post:

  3. Ha ha- I dream of an empty nest as well sometimes!! It is HARD, isn't it? The one thing I don't like about blogs is that they make us all feel like we're not good enough- we don't have it all together like that other mom out there. But I always have to remember that having kids this age is probably the hardest time, and hopefully it will only get easier...HOPEFULLY!!

  4. First of all - thank you for the best comment ever! You totally made my day!
    Secondly, I KNOW . . . I think you put it very well. I love the part about not coming over without announcing it first. I have ONE kid and I don't know how to get it all done in the day - especially the laundry . . . Thanks for your part in keeping it real ;)
    AND Fab pictures too - I highly approve of your future son-in-law, he is as adorable as his future wife!! xoxo

  5. I too clean all the time, but never have a clean house. It is amazing how quickly two little boys can trash the house. I figure that if they are happy and safe that is all that matters. I keep telling myself that I need to exercise more, but never seem to find the time. The only reason that I am at a decent weight is that I am still nursing my youngest, but that won't last too much longer. I don't have any magical advice for life, just try not to sweat the small stuff. I really like your pictures with the new camera. I enjoy them and your posts.

  6. Love these pics. Did you send that one to Devon, I know he'd like it the most!

  7. Hahaha. You sound just like me. I am always in a ponytail. I hate hair in my face. When I shoot my video intros, I have to get all gussied up and it is a big deal. I almost never wear heels. I killed my knee and since then have not wanted to put on heels because I'm afraid of re-injuring myself. And right now I'm wearing workout clothes even though I don't work out as often as I'd like or should. They make me feel more active and I find I get more done when I'm wearing sneaks.

    I'm sorry you put the art supplies away. I hope you take them out soon. Although I know how much time getting in shape takes so I totally get it.

    Have a great day.

  8. Dear Danielle, I love that you are totally you and not Martha Stewart or a super model with 5 kids and no hips. I love your blog, because you are absolutely real. That was the first thing about your blog I noticed and fell in love with. My hair is almost always pulled back in a bun thingy, I wear my pj's half the day, my dishes are not always clean and I don't care. I'd like to be much thinner, but I don't kill myself to make it happen, I'd rather be drawing or knitting or reading. I like who you are. And I love your blog, pics and art. I hope you don't put your art away for too long. I think you always look super cute in your pics. I hope you're happy, that's what matters. :)


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