Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 full weeks

and I was really sick!  wow.  Today I woke up, and felt pretty ok.  Horrible voice, and coughing, but I really did feel good.  So I took myself to the gym!!! ...and.... walked!  ha.  I walked!  I have been so sick my whole body has turned to mush and crud.  Well, I am eager to become me again, and get back to all that I do.  And my house, remember 2 weeks!, needs some serious cleaning!

What I did do...was have a fun Halloween with my babes, hubs, and mother.  I did paint pumpkins with baby, and I did do a whole lot of editing in Lightroom!

A few pics from the week.  Some shots are old, but I just got around to editing!

Painted pumpkins!

(These pumpkin shots are unedited.  I think they look rad as they are!)

and editing...

  and this one is from today.  Babe eating snow!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. The unedited photos are just as amazing and beautiful (the!) as you're edited photos!


  2. Adorable little ones! Fantastic photo skills!! The pumpkins look like they were a blast to decorate!

  3. so much pretty in your world.
    i'm glad you're feeling better. now get up & clean the damn house!

  4. Your photos are beautiful as always and your pumpkins are awesome. I'm glad that you are feeling better. I haven't been sick and my house is a disaster anyway. Saturday is my cleaning day- good luck in your house cleaning (the necessary evil).

  5. I'm so glad you're feeling better! Always so much stuff going around this time of year.
    Your pumpkins are AMAZING, that first photo made me gasp!! WOW, that is the most unique pumpkin treatment I've seen this year! Love those colors.....wish I had another pumpkin to play with. :)


  6. Love your pumpkins. Those are so awesome. That first pumpkin picture should be framed and hung up, it is a work of art. I love it!!!
    Your pictures are so beautiful, you capture magnificence with each shot. I hope you are feeling better and all is well.

  7. Um, okay. Those pumpkins are so totally awesome (well, you DID use rad ;) and I am going to definitely copy you next year! I love it so so much! AND I LOVE those sepia photos! Who is the first one of? Is that a baby picture of the baby?? LOVE.
    Sorry to hear you were sick - and glad to see you're back to your normal routines - it must feel so much better.
    BTW, (the picture is old - this summer) I am up to totally nothing. I swear: spent the whole day working on a painting that was so bad I painted it all black and walked away . . . no PPF for me this week . . . humph! xoxoxo


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