Monday, November 28, 2011

a little piece of my home, a gift, and a question

I thought it would be fun to share a little piece of my home once a week or so.  Isn't our home a reflection of us, and an art within itself.  For today, I am starting with a messy board I made out of packaging from my dishwasher.  It is just a wood frame.  I added chicken wire and there you have it.  The problem is I can't stop adding, and now it is just a big ol' mess.  I sorta like chaos in a clean space.  Funny!  A happy mess!

 Can you see the chicken wire in the upper right hand corner?

 That pic in the lower left corner is my first babe, when she was a babe, and Mister Husband.  I like to add cute cards people give me, random scraps, old and new pics, and anything I need to put away, but I don't know where to put it!

This was a recycled lid project I made last year.  The boxes on the right are old cereal boxes, one for each girl, to throw more random things in, to be put away...someday!

I am wrapping up this to send to my Grandma for Christmas.  Somerset has had it for a some time, and decided they didn't want it.  I think Grandma will love it!

So here is my question, my thoughts?  I would love to talk about rejection.  I want to know why I care so much anyhow?  Isn't this all for me, and my family?  Apparently, I need more.  This month Somerset has sent back 5 of my favorite pieces from last year.  I seriously think they are some of my best, but I guess not.  The funny thing is they have been publishing the stuff that I don't really thing is so great! So what now?  I don't want to create for the masses, but I still like to send in my stuff, I guess to be acknowledged.  I would also like to make art into a business soon, and that is a whole world of scary!

I was honestly pretty bummed about the whole thing.  I got over it, of course.  But it is still with me.  And I wonder why I submit my stuff, and if I should still.  I have been in the past 6 issues of Somerset Memories, but I would love to branch out.  Creating time is a huge hurdle.  I don't honestly think I have found my groove completely; I am still figuring myself out.

I would love to hear any thoughts about rejection, or why you create.  I would love to hear it all!

And I did just post a late PPF in the post below.  And as you'll discover, I am just in a artistic rut this week!

It's all good though, I promise.  I had an incredible cup of coffee and a run this morning!  Woot!~


  1. Okay, first of all, your blog looks beautiful. I LOVE the picture of you both on the top and your header and everything else is so clean and yet so fun and really represents you. BELLA!
    Secondly, I LOVE YOUR pieces of home (those handing caps are my favorite!) and I love that they were created from otherwise discarded pieces. Dishwasher? That's awesome.
    Lastly, I totally get you. I have had stuff returned that I loved that I was bummed about and then have had stuff published that I expected them to send right back, lol. You never know. But I equate it to an acting audition - sometimes I may give a good "audition," but I just wasn't what they were looking for at the time. My first ever piece I sent in was quickly rejected and I LOVED it. I cried for two days and then did not submit again for over a year. When I did, I was contacted and asked to write for the back page. Total opposite of my first experience. BUT I do like to submit, I do want to do something with this art thing too (loved your comment ;) and I think that the ONLY thing we can do is to keep submitting things that appeal to us, are from our hearts and are in our ever-developing style. The only thing we can be is us and one day, our answers will be revealed. (So I'm gonna pretend I didn't read that part about stopping ;). You are so special and yes, it is for family, but it is also for us. So there. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. It sounds like you and I are much in the same boat. I have really struggled lately with trying to figure out what I am doing and why I keep doing it. Before I had a blog or an Etsy shop, I created because I was inspired by the world around me and loved, but now, for some reason, I feel like I care too much what others may think. I also am trying to find my niche, my style...maybe re-inventing myself. But instead, I feel lost. I need to get back to just enjoying what I am doing and being passionate about it, instead of feeling like I need to be satisfying the masses. I have to say, that at least you're making an effort to send your art out to the magazine. I think that is wonderful and you've been published in there. I'm not even brave enough to do that. :I
    I think you are truly creative and I love the way you recycle things and use whatever you have on hand and then turn it into a whimsical world that the rest of us can escape to. Do what you love and be who you are and don't worry about what anyone else is thinking about it. I need to take this advice, as well. You are a truly lovely person with a whole lot of wonderful beauty to share. I truly believe when we are passionate and following our heart's desire, we are the most genuine. :)
    Big hugs to you!

  3. ok...number create amazing things and you well be able to turn this love into're a natural...secondly...a oh..i remember those lids...yay...i have known you for ages haven't create since well with re use do i create...i would like to think i could sell something one day...but i won't...i am not i made this realisation i just decided to create for when i felt like it...i am really a scrapped and i do issue sometimes i think i eoykd be better spending the time with my kids and not making stuff about my kids...another realisation...but i feel better about him u create now...then rejection...your last question...i have had 10 or more published pieces...and honestly i sentphotos of about 50pages...all scrapped stuff...i got a thrill at first..well each time really...but i found painting and stopped scrapping an now i cared about rejection until i got my first

  4. Super beautiful work..inspiring..creative and are a creative soul..keep shining..keep creating! Bloom on the inside..know your worth..value what you do..whether someone rejects your or never neeed external validation...celebrate the artistry within you..keep creating it..publish your self..follow your own wings...there may be other things in store for trust in that!! While it is wonderfu to be published ..get back into the pure joy of it. your confusion will lift and you will create what you love without all the questions! Truly value your work..from your own heart...and not from the outside world!You will find exactly what brings you joy..and your art will find it's own unique footing and you will end up exactly where you are meant to be! Shine on are fabulous!

  5. Rejection is going to happen to all of us, but don't let that stop you because you are full of creativity. sometimes it's just not what they are looking for at that time. I just put my passion anf fun into things and then everything else seems to fall into place. Your feelings will shine through your work. I believe in the law of attraction. Good luck and don't give up.

  6. Please don't be bummed out! I truly think that rejection of a piece of art is vry often more about the "fit" of a piece for a particular vision, rather than its artistic merit. Last year I submitted 5 pieces to Somerset Studio for 2 different themes. Three were published, but the two other(very similar) pieces weere rejected. The latter two were actually better art, but they were for a different theme, so I think they just weren't a good match for the editor's concept. Those two pieces were put on reserve for purchase while they were still at the magazine,btw, and were sold as soon as they came back to me. You are very, very talented. Just keep doing your thing, girl!

  7. I am so in awe of anyone who has been published in a magazine. I have had articles published but never any art. If they published you 6 times in a row, maybe they just want to give other artists their 15 minutes of fame. Besides, I'm feeling maybe you are ready for some other magazine. It's really hard to know how publishers are thinking. Faye

  8. Have never tried submitting so I haven't been rejected! But one day I'll try. I'm just so busy right now. But I create really because I enjoy it so much, so it's not about whether other people like my work or not! The fact that they do, that's a bonus, a blessing! There will always be better artists than me, but the thing is, there's only one me, and if I keep at it, I will get better! Patsy from

  9. I know it's hard, but try not to take it personally. Maybe they are looking for something else at that time. I have been published several times but, boy, I went through a lot of rejections too. just keep on trying :))

  10. I so enjoyed reading your post. I think we all have to deal with rejection from time to time. Maybe it's purpose is to make the successes sweeter and push you to keep creating and keep submitting.

    Thank you for coming to my blog and for the kind comment on the new skirt. I'm not sure if you looked back on my older posts but I write about my brother from time to time (Rod's Pennies of Wisdom). He has Asperger's and is a constant source of entertainment and love in our lives.

    Come visit again anytime! xoxo

  11. Your board makes me think about a happy family. I love how you made it out of recycled materials.
    I haven't been brave enough to submit anything to a magazine yet. I keep telling my self that I just need to practice more and someday I will be good enough. I am wondering if this feeling will ever go away of if I just need to go for it. I think that it is wonderful that you have been published. I think that your work is good enough, just not what they were looking for at the time. I create because I just don't feel complete if I don't. I am happiest when I get to make something, even if no one else but family will see it.

  12. Daniele
    Love your frame and boxes. Very unique. And the piece for your grandma is great too.

    Don't get too disheartened... Maybe they had a different theme. I try to create for me... My husband reminds me that my goals should reflect that, rather than public acceptance.... for example about how many pieces I create that are acceptable to me, or how many exhibitions I submit my works to, not how many I sell. Something I try to remember... But sometimes I forget.

  13. Hello Daniele,
    I like your ideas of recycling. J did not understand all your discussion (google translator!!!) but I would like too one day be published in a magazine. So far life does not allow me to make art my job but now I'd love to work hard and try. I love your blog and his colors :=)

  14. You know, in my experience, Somerset has a pretty narrow range of what they publish, so I wouldn't take it to heart. If you're interested to turn your art into a business (I'd like to do this as well at some point), I'd say try putting some things on Etsy, and let people find you. Just because Somerset may not like something doesn't mean art buyers won't!

  15. Thank you so much for all your responses. I love this community through blogging!


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