Monday, September 26, 2011

Live a Colorful Life


 the entire piece...

Sitting down friday night, and babe wanting to paint with "Mama" paints, I knew I was ready to start playing again.  I have these long pieces of cardboard that I know would make great long scenes, and I really needed to paint in color!  I am so tired of being frazzled, blue, busy, tired...  When I sit down to paint, it has to be colorful.  My inner happy coming out!  I hope you enjoy and my happy land painting gives you a smile!

linking here for the first time!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vegasy Fun, reality, and a new baby.

We only used our phone this weekend, as we were not there for site seeing!  We had loads of fun, with no guilt, loads to drink, with no guilt, loads of food, with no guilt, and lots of pool time and happy times!  We saw a show, dressed pretty, and I made it a over two days away from Paiger.  I was very happy to get home to my babies though.  Very very happy.  Now what do you think of my dress up pics up there?  Misses Mia Wallace?

Grainy but awesome! After O, feeling all lovely and stuff!

and one more collage of phone fotos, for your viewing pleasure!

ah, back to reality, and boy has reality set in.  2 year old Paiger, whom I've never left more than a few hours, loved every second with Grandma, and all the attention.  Sadly, 11 year old Kelsey pretty much shut down while I was gone, and has been struggling to come up ever since.  When things started looking up and up, a sudden down hit, and tonight has been hard.  After cuddling babe to sleep, I then got in bed with Kels, and also, rocked her to sleep.  After some deep breaths, I can only now hope that tomorrow she wakes up well, and stays in school.  I'm not going anywhere for a long long time!

and just for fun, I got to take some photos of a newborn today!  Here are a couple I love.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Guess What?

I am totally going to Vegas this weekend to have crazy fun with my hubs and my married besties!  I have never been away from Paige.  My mom, who now lives here (woot woot) is staying at my place, filling the girls with weekend fun, and even going to co-sleep with my co-sleeper!  Yup, I am not even nervous. I really need to take a break.  And although the thought of locking myself in a hotel and painting and scrapping all weekend sounds just as fun, I am going to have Vegasy fun!  So bring on the margaritas! I am leaving on a jet plane!  Back next week, hopefully refreshed, and ready for fall, runs, art, and baby lovin'!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Painting Paiger

no editing here.  I think these pictures are so pretty and perfect.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What makes me feel good?

Real people.  I am one of those that just cannot keep up with my perfect friends, or seemingly perfect blog friends.  I know so many moms, and man they seem to have their you-know-what together.  Me, not so much.  I always have my hair pulled back in a pony, or a head rag, or even a cute hat.  These days I am almost always in workout clothes, but I do workout LOTS! After spinning or something, I take a shower, and put on clean workout clothes, and that is how I stay all day!  I do my hair now like 5 times a year. Although I do love a little make-up! I rarely put on heals, although when I do, I feel like awesome sauce!  I don't have time to learn the things I'd like, I don't get my writing assignments in on time, I don't keep up on fb, and my house, although I clean alllll the time, is always a mess. I rarely ever scrap and paint, but I long to do so.

Since school is back, and I am not homeschooling anymore (big jump for joy) I have decided to dedicate any spare time I have to getting myself back into really great shape.  I have always, before Paiger, made fitness and health a serious priority, and turning 35 this summer made me come to terms with how I want to enter the next stage of life.  Sadly, to do this, I have put away most of my art supplies.  They will come out, I just don't know when.  I hope soon.  And until then, I have a phat D7000 in my hands everywhere, although I don't know how to use it!

Today, the fam and I went to an outdoor charity concert that my friend big D was singing at.  I was crazy happy with my new camera.  Here is one from today.

Ya, he rocks.  My oldest was very excited when he went a little metal, and my youngest talked about Devon singing all night!  Excitement for the whole fam!

My friend Kristi grabbed my camera and got nice and close.  Thanks K.  I look swell! Ha! And my hair was totally, in a pony!

Hey, good luck balancing my big Paiger with your skinny boy!  ha...these two are actually going to get married.  Already arranged!  ...That dancing queen back there is my oldest, Kelsey.  Dancing to her own beat, or maybe Devon's!

and just for cuteness sakes... ya, that's my cute son-in-law to be!

First day with my new love, and no subjects.... self mirror portraits just because. This one was my fav, minus the nasty yellow lighting.  Must edit this one soon.

So, thank you to all of you that don't sugar coat your lives.  If you're a mom with 5 and you always look awesome and your house is clean, more power to you! ...but just don't come over unannounced.

And this week I took rad pics of my baby painting.  Maybe a post for tomorrow?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

still giddy

and in love!  My mom took my phone and took some silly pics of me and my new love.

HA!  They are so funny, I could pee.  And sorry for the bad hair, pony tail again!!!, and bra strap.  I was in gym clothes! I never am really prepared to have anything taken of me.  Must change that someday!  I am now wondering when I'll find time to learn this big boy!

oh dear sweet baby, he came!

I have been waiting oh sooooo long for this baby.  A whole pregnancy, and finally, he came!

My first boy.  Well, I think he looks very manly, so my Nikon D7000 is a boy! I am salivating.  I am giddy.  And I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to nurse!  Oh, love at first sight, let me tell you.  Battery is charging.  I cannot wait to start shooting, learning, playing.  Oh me...