Saturday, June 9, 2012

Moving and Such...

After 11 and a half years in our little blue home, we have moved, to a little brown home.  This move brought on many emotions and so much work, but suddenly, living in the middle of moving mess, we are feeling pretty good.  Our little old ranch house is pretty comfy.  There is a massive back yard, lots of huge trees everywhere (well, other than the very front as you can see) and neighborhood kids everywhere. This is the biggest plus for us, as we've always wanted that sense of community, and kids running around playing with our kids, and we've finally got it.  This neighborhood is feeling pretty amazing so far.

More plusses?  We are now in the neighborhood where are kids will go to school.  Great schools in fact, and one of the best high schools around, is nearly across the street.  I've always wanted to move into this area, closer to the mountains (yes, the indoor girl actually said know, I love seeing the beauty in nature, just not tooooo close!) and living in this part of town.  Woot!

Alas, there is so much more unpacking to do.  We are not put together at all, and the summer days are calling the girls and screaming "what are we going to do today? Are we going swimming today?"  You can imagine, I have sooo much time for putting together a home.

Now, two more things.  One, the day we were moving we made our dream a little sweeter and got a trampoline for the flat backyard.  (All these years in the little blue house, we could never have a tramp like all the other cool families because our yard was on a freaking slope!  Hubs was quick to amend this uncool parenting reality, and we are so now the awesome new people on the cul de sac.) Yes, the net is going up.  No worries!

oh and that second thing I said I'd tell you.  There are snakes around here.  Seriously.  My dog caught one and was having so much fun.  Holy crap, I don't do snakes!  Even garter snakes.  No thank you!


  1. Congratulations on your new little brown home--snakes and all. Moving is very stressful, so I hope it's gone as smoothly as possible for you!

  2. It always freaks me out when I find a snake in my yard. Fortunately there is only one kind of poisonous snake in Michigan and none of those in my yard. I'm glad that your move is going well. Don't stress too much about getting everything unpacked right away, it will come.

  3. So happy for've gone from such a stressful situation and turned it around for your family and now things are better...who would have thought......yay for you.....thus house looks adorable...are the rooms big?it looks like it...and most you have an art space yet...heeheehee long lost painting that's been here forever...and i have little butterfly garland each for your girls...can you email me your new address?..oh and snakes...eeeewwwwww...scary ...don't leave your shoes

  4. Love that there are so many plusses with your move Daniele... it always seems to be a huge job... but so exciting and wonderful at the same time... yay for the trampoline... enjoy...

    Jenny x

  5. Love Love Love! ('Cept for the snakes) xoxoxo

  6. the snakes just make it more exciting for everyone. plus, free dog toys!
    i'm so glad you found the right house and you're in and get to have a trampoline and good school system. you are the bomb-diggety mama. love ya!
    happy summer!


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