Wednesday, June 13, 2012

slowly coming back

The long days of summer have hit me.  The pulling in many directions.  Trying to unpack.  So, I've decided to put some of it aside for a bit, even the girls, and start unpacking for me.  And oh the mess I have, and oh how happy it makes me.  It may takes months to get this house completely unpacked and put together, and I can't pretend to accept that, but at least, for the first time, I have a studio space!  Eeee, happy day!  And good thing Miss Twinkle Twinkle Kristin lovely is having her second blog event, Summer of Color 2, because I want to play!

Now, my babe, has had a birthday.  I made it three years with this babe, so I think I can do anything!

and on a little side hurray... One of my besties is having a baby (I am happy for others having babies, but overjoyed knowing I never will again!!!) and I took lots of pics the other night.  So many still to edit, and so many to share, but I love this one.  I went a little edit crazy on only this shot, but how I lovity love love it!!!

So happy summer week.  I am unpacking more today, and totally playing in my new studio!

And I am eager to return tomorrow with a Summer of Color inspired piece!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your piece for soc ...and you MUST addy me so u can ght one of my pieces...i promise it will go out within the week...i have 3 things i must send out this coming week...i am so bad with your photos too...oh...happy birthday to p and contracts on making utter thus's really an angel isn't she...gorgeous little sweet princess...3 is one of my favourite years with my children...

  2. I'm glad that you are taking time to unpack a bit for you. Making stuff will hopefully help you stay sane through the unpacking and the summer schedule. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Yeah for having studio space.

  3. Yay... for studio space... for gorgeous photos... for little princesses celebrating their birthday... can't wait to see your Summer of Color piece Daniele...

    Jenny x

  4. Awe . . . . First of all, I LOVE that cupcake picture of baby P!!! Beautiful shot and your cakes are so pretty! AND I love the editing that you did for the couple - it looks so dreamy and sweet and I know it will be a treasure for them - no better gift! AND thank you for mentioning me - so sososo happy for studio space and arting! xoxoxo


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