Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's OK to eat Ice Cream in the Bathtub!

Who knows this book?  It's cute.  We have had it for years and years, and now babe reads it.  There is a page that looks like this...

Whenever I read this book, all animated and cute, I say "It's OK to eat macaroni and cheese in the bathtub...NOOOOO!"  haha, if you know me, you may be surprised that I don't.  I am huge on letting the babes make huge messes for fun, and it gives me time to do something I want.  It gets cleaned up!  ...but when it comes to pasta in the tub, and clogging that drain...I just have to say no to that one!  And Hubs would kill me if he found pasta clogging the drain!

but... Ice Cream, I can do!!!

and that best part...she is already in the tub to clean up the sticky mess!  See, win win!

and a little side snapshot, because oh how I LOVE watching my first baby play flute...

She's so grown up!


  1. Super cute book. I love children's books, they're amazing. Ice Cream in the bathtub, what a perfect combination, I may have to try that myself. Two things I love, at the same time. Your kids are adorable and your photos are always awesome. :)

  2. Yes! Love that book and your photos are so fun!! I bet it's wonderful to hear flute music in your home, too. :)

  3. Love love...and thanks for worrying...last week someone stole my smartphone...grrr ...so couldn't use that..and then over a week ago my computerwhich is under a year old broke for some reason..so suffering from withdrawals...lol...been Dr busy for kids too..aol too busy to art as well...soon...xxx

  4. Love your approach to life - its so uplifting. Your ice-cream in the tub girl looks so joyous. I can imagine listening to the music your daughter makes and how wonderful it is. When my musical son plays guitar the hair truly does stand up on the back of my neck.... especially when he plays Hurt by Johnny Cash. penny

  5. i used to let brooke eat popsicles in the tub! easy, not too messy, no big deal if they get dropped & a ready source of water to clean up the stickies afterwards.
    kels looks so pretty playing her flute. she's getting so grown up!

  6. Awe, I LOVE it!!! We do popsicles in the pool and bathtub too! But what I want to know: BOWS in the bathtub?! LOL.

    Fab pictures and attitude: I bet yours is a fun home to grow up in! And the flute! Brings back memories ;)

    Thanks too for your sweet comments: I really did have her looking like a vegas show girl - then I took off half of what I glued on and liked it much better. But you are totally right - Dave (DH) values our scrapbooks SO much (as does K) but I haven't done any in SO LONG. It was what started it all for me and now I too am wanting to find fun and creative ways to bring them back. Plus, it would give me a reason to actually print pictures (that I still take millions of) agin!

    And yes, Mixed Media. You're so right!!! xoxoxo

    OH! And have you seen the new Nikon 1?! It's so pretty. And a fortune. And pink!!!

  7. ice cream in the tub is BRILLIANT. COMPLETELY BRILLIANT. I'll have to introduce Ella to this...
    cute pics!

  8. Howdy..in response to your comment on my blog..well..perfect...as i do believe you were one of my only 2 that signed up for my random act of kindness post...do you remember...my little dude is very sick at the moment...it started today and now its 3.30 am and i have just given him osnsdol...oh the joys...but when he is better one will be coming you way...just need your addy ..so email me...xxx


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