Sunday, October 16, 2011

long road

don't we all seem to have such a long road ahead of us at times?

I found this pic in my phone tonight.  My daughter Kelsey took it last week, and today she is suffering from some serious depression.  What 11 year old should say I just want to hide away and not be seen? This photo just seemed so suiting.

She usually has a couple rough days a month, and a not-so-good day once or twice a week.  Then, the rest of the time she is functioning so well.  It is my greatest pain to watch this.  I am going to go talk about this tomorrow, and I am going to let her stay home and do her school work.  This is why we homeschooled.  She needed the freedom to go through her darkness, and not miss school. Now, she loves her new middle school, but still misses so many days. I got a letter saying she is being screened for gifted and talented.  But what about her emotional stability?  On the upside, this road keeps going, and we keep going, and she keeps going, and on and on we go...and she, with every year, gets better and better.  Oh, my love.

The new Somerset finally came.  This is a pic of our piece. It is a little canvas called This Very Moment and is about my middle girl Madison, letting go of her role as the baby.  It was a tender and scary moment, and one she is now adjusted to, although still doesn't always like!

I took Madison out on an errand date today. She loved being alone with me.  We went and got salad, and then to many stores for some paint and out for lots and lots of veggies and fruits.  We hit all the sales!  Tonight, after dinner, we juiced for our dessert!  It was so awesome and yummy. (Today I ate about 75 percent RAW! and 95 percent Vegan ...Woot!)

So, I haven't painted this weekend.  I am nearly done with the Montessori painting, and now the girls are expressing massive love for it and don't want it to leave our house!  Kelsey says it makes her so happy!  How can you take that away from a family of girls?  Hubs this morning, after getting up early with babe, came up to me and told me how much he is liking this painting.  Really? I didn't think you cared at all about these cute ones!!!  Well...he must!  I was giddy.  He is my favorite man!

To end this post, and my night, I went into to see if Kelsey was asleep.  This takes her a long time sometimes, especially when she is blue.  She was all curled up under her blankets and with her huge tiger and soft wolf.  She looked so peaceful, and I am happy. Then, looking back at Paiger on her little bed, I just feel so lucky, so loved, even if these kids make me completely crazy!


  1. I hope that Kelsey has less of the bad days and more good. It is rough seeing our children in pain. My kids drive me crazy too, but I would never give them up for anything.

  2. It's kind of a double-edged sword isn't it? You love them the most and yet they are the very people that test you the hardest. lol Keep your chin up - you're doing a great job!

    denyse dar via blogtoberfest
    your life is a work of art!

  3. I loved reading this post must be horrible seeing her like that..and so unfair...and kids should be kids right...with not a worry in the little guy is so old for his like an adult his approach to life...he had missed out on a lot but then he had also got something that the others never had at that age....its such a big step sending to School again...Jacob wants to go but he is still having life threatening episodes..Mmm..yes...sometimes that road is familiar to us all...

  4. First of all, how did I miss all these posts? I have catching up to do!!
    I am so very sorry to hear that your (older) baby is going through that! It must be so difficult as a parent to see her sad. She is so lucky to have you both there for her and to have you present so that you can care for her on the days when she needs it. You are such an awesome Mom!
    I also loved that your DH commented on your piece - you deserve it. Lastly, see I really do need that mag (getting it tomorrow ;) as I thought it was a layout and not a small canvas . . . CONGRATS to you!!!
    Oh! I have an idea! Wouldn't it be fun to send each other a picture or two of our favorite kids (okay, ours) and then do a small canvas panel for each other - in other words, I can send you a few pictures of Kendra and you can send some to me and then we can decide which ones to use and create a small piece of art (like you did in the mag) for each other - using our own picts!! I love that - wanna? xoxoxo
    and be there to comfort her through it -

  5. Weird. Sorry about the last random line that didn't get erased there . . . pppht . .. xoxo


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