Monday, October 24, 2011

a kissy couple

I took fotos this past Sunday of a newlywed couple and their children.  We headed out a little too early, so we have shadows, but I am pleased, and even more pleased that every time I said Now Kiss, these two totally started kissing.  It made me very happy.

Here are a couple, of the kissy couple, and two little boys, both of whom were not interested in me and my beloved camera!

So last year I found this blog, she called it Photo Freak, but that is not the address, so I cannot find her!  Well, she had this great post and linky on the "Almost Kiss".  It was really cool, but I hadn't yet taken shots of lovey couples...but look!  It is an "almost kiss"!  Freaking cool!, even with the shadow across his head!

ok, you can get critical, and I did shop off Mr's rear, but there was a kid head sticking out from behind it, and I tried and tried to photoshop it out, but it was awful, so I chopped the head off!  Not too bad?  Right?  Please, tell me it's not toooo bad!

So this amateur is enjoying all the kissing. I wonder what my next couple will have in store for me?


  1. I really like the last photo. It is my favorite.

  2. I think all of your photos are awesome. Even with the shadows, I think the coloring is very nice and the shadows add a cool effect. The last picture is great and well balanced with the tree. I'm sure they love the pics too. They look wonderful! :)

  3. These are so sweet! And Beautiful babies - LOVE that second shot!! Beautiful camera work lady! xoxo


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