Tuesday, October 11, 2011

new post, no pics

Today I have been thinking a lot about the home, what it means to me.  I have been thinking about what is important, and what is really not.  I have been struggling with some decisions others make, and tell me about, yet I have no business to interfere or go off about how those decisions are bad ones, and that they hurt us all.  I have been thinking about true friendship, about mothering, and who to encompass. (should that be whom or who?  Oh, the whom who issue!) Maybe instead of pushing the others away, can I positively influence them?  And why am I so righteous? Do I sometimes take part in what I think is wrong?  How can I live that good life, do everything that is "right" and not judge others?

Honestly, do we try to surround ourselves only with those like-minded?  I have always kept people in my life that others don't like.  I try to find the good and hold on.  Sadly, I don't always see much good in the end.

Just thoughts.

on a more uplifting note, I have been really thinking about bunnies.  Really cute bunnies.  I finally just finished my second story for my mentor, ok...nearly finished, and I am finally happy with the story, full of bunnies, and little girl magic hands!  Then, I found a little pet shop bunny yesterday, and I am so excited to do another little pet shot painting this weekend, like I did my birdie HERE!!! last summer.  Go bunnies and magic hands!


  1. Oh yes...I loved that birdie....you know...sometimes we are simply just human and sometimes slip up...in my life I have my sisters...their families...and only a couple of true fear friends that I love...then I have a larger circle of whom are only a few that meant a lot to ne through my life that I see every now and then that I adore...then just friends I sat hi to...and the bloggy friends of course...I try and be a fear friend to those shin I love..I think I do ok...I don't have tome forlots...my life is full with who I have now....you can't change people aNd I believe we generally have .lots of friends in our life but end up staying with those that ate .like minded or at least have some sort of link..like a child with lots of needs.. does this all make sense?...xxx

  2. sweet daniele. it's great to have friends who aren't like-minded, but it's a lot harder. we struggle with their decisions because it seems like they don't have sense enough to struggle with them themselves. or maybe it's to see if maybe they're right & we're wrong. so challenging & sometimes exhausting. is the friendship worth the trouble?

  3. Such is life I suppose...I'm the same way, I truly want only the best influences for my kids, but at the same time, I hate to judge others & feel that we should love all & find the good in everyone...like you said such a struggle!

    & Oh my I do think we're kindred spirits I couldn't help but share this..hasn't been updated in a while, but still...couldn't help myself...



  4. Daniele, you are a truly wonderful and genuine person. I think it's normal to question yourself at times. I know I've been doing that a lot lately, with myself. I have found that with friends/people I know, there seems to be seasons, some come and go and some stay awhile. I've had some who've betrayed me horribly and some who've stuck by me no matter what. I know for me anymore, I pull away from those who negatively affect me or my family, it's hard to always know the right thing to do. Sorry, you weren't asking for my advice. I just think you're very sweet and I imagine you are someone your friends/family cherish.
    Bunnies, they're amazing. I love them too. I really want a house bunny. I used to have two lovely bunnies, sadly my dogs killed one and the other died of loneliness. :( I can't wait to see your bunny pictures. I tried your link, but it didn't work for me.
    I hope all is well and you are enjoying Fall. It is lovely.

  5. Hello, love!
    Augh ... it's a tough one ... Dave and I have (within the last couple of years) "weeded" out a couple of life long friends whom we realized only really hurt us in the end . . . and I think that we question these things more when we have babies? Like the couch surfer who never really gets his act together (and just talks crap about everyone while he's here) - probably not the guy who will ever change or (better yet) actually bring something to the table and benefit us in any way. In other words, I guess after a while we realized that to have people in our lives, it should be someone who brings us joy and / or something positive to the table.
    But it's always a tough one . . .
    I couldn't see the bunny link (boo) - and are you writing a children's story? I'm so intrigued . . . xoxoxo

  6. Thank you all
    love you all

  7. Thank you for your sweet comment & have a fab weekend! xoxoxoxo


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