Monday, October 3, 2011

Random Tidbits Floating Around My Brain

I have missed both deadlines for my second story.  I MUST finish asap!

Kelsey needs to get to sleep, or tomorrow will suck.

I worked on the painting, continued from post below, and below.  I am really starting to love it.

Today I spun my face off, tomorrow we stroll.

My imac has officially been renamed isuck.

I want to be an artist when I grow up.

I want my Somerset to come in the mail.  Still not here!

I have lots of fotos to edit!

I think I am nearly ready to sleep now.  Most family is nestled up in bed.  ...ah, I hope Kels gets to sleep!

I like this picture of me, from our Pumpkin Patch outing Sunday.  Must go through those pics as well.

I am such a poser!

I love sun flares!

Will this cold ever leave my body?

I love that I sleep with my babe.  I have always been a huge co-sleeper.  Can't help it.  Never could.

Only two more from Sunday.  Seriously, when imac becomes isuck, editing and such takes forever!

and I leave you to this now I can go to sleep.

Good thing I had another babe, those olders don't put up with me and my Nikon love much anymore!


  1. Such cuteness in and out of the pumpkin patch. So lovely here. pennny

  2. Lol...yeah...sad they grow outa being happy in front of the snappy!..I love the flares as well...really beautiful photos...but if you have your NIKON in hand what camera took your lovely photo? Have a great

  3. I like your list. Your daughter is so cute and has gorgeous brown eyes. You are looking freaking fantastic, go you! Love pumpkins and all things pumpkiny...great photos. I hope you feel better and have a beautiful week. Love looking at your awesome photos. :)

  4. Oh, how did I miss this!?? I love your random thoughts and those pictures! WHAT a cutie pie you have - those shots of your babe are precious! And you look awesome too - fabulous boots ;) xoxo


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