Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fusing Plastic

I gave it a go.  My first time, not bad.  I think I need to practice a bit, but I don't have lots of fun bags.  I can see that different plastics work better, but what fun to take some discarded blah and make...

 do you know what I used yet?
 How about now?
 ok, you should be able to guess with this last one!
This was made for my Kels, but my model is Maddy.  She now wants one too!  I think I will show her how to do it and let her do the work!

oh btw, has anyone ever had Sam'l Smith Organic Fruit Ale?  It is the best beer in the world, of course out of England...love England!!!, and I am happily drinking the Cherry brew before my 10 day cleanse starts tomorrow.  No alcohol, no sugar.  boo.  My hubs is doing it too.  We try to mix health with beer!


  1. I've always wanted to do that but just haven't quite gotten to it yet! LOVE what you did!

  2. What a fun belt. You are so creative. I love it. Very inspiring. Makes me really look at stuff and wonder what else I could be doing with it.

    No alcohol, tragic!! I'm sure you will feel great though, when you're all done. I need to try that one of these days...bah!! :)

  3. This looks really cool! :)I've never seen bags made into a belt but plenty of little pouches and purses. :) I always wanted to try it but don't want to mess with it really. :) Enjoy your beer! :))

  4. You're kidding!?! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity! So jealous :/

    Thanks for the beer rec, I'm going to have to give it a go... I love a good brew :D

    & good luck on your cleanse!


  5. Here in Australia beers our water!jokes...but themes nothing better than an icy beer on a scorcher ...extra dry is my berry...lol...love the belt...tho have no idea how its done...oh...no alcohol for Christmas?...ouch h!...xxx

  6. Um, did anyone tell you that it's Christmas? Okay, I'm eating raw right now, but a 10 day cleanse?! Guess I'll stop at one piece of Sees then . . . boo.
    LOVE that belt - is it out of a shopping recycle bag? That's too cool, xoxo


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