Sunday, December 11, 2011

Picture Happy

First a few from our weekend and then a few from a shoot...

My Paiger!

and a few of cute boys!

We went to a winterfest fun thingy in the FREEZING cold... Lot of lights and crowds, and really expensive food!  Lots of shots, but it was one of those nights I didn't get many good ones.  Boo Boo!  But I think I may be able to put something together to share soon!

I love all the lights during the holidays, but man, I need to walk around with a tripod and mannequins for kids if I want good shots!  Oh well, maybe next year I'll invest in some dummies!  hehe, kidding!

and I am hating the big watermarks, but I am also hating people swiping my shots.  It has been done, multiple times.  One was my baby's butt.  So, no more bootie online, even when it is young baby bootie!  Boo.

Time to learn how to store my own prettier watermark in LR.  I know how to make it in PS, but how do I use it in LR?  I know there is an answer!


  1. your little girlie is at that great age for pics. little enough to still have that delicious cuteness, but old enough to get up to some shenanigans.
    how rude that people have been stealing your pics! how did you find out that your baby butt was stolen?

  2. These pictures are so darn cute and I soooo love the colors that you always have in your pics. They are so vibrant and wonderful. I can't believe people are swiping your rude!

  3. Are you kidding me!...gee people stoop low don't they...well your shots are wonderful tho...waterway forest make the photo bad at all...paiger ix adorable snt the colour in her winter warmies look

  4. What the...these phones..meant to write that water mark doesn't make look bad at fabulous...paiger looks adorable and...geez..better check from now

  5. Mandy, you're so funny!

    Ok, writing in haste, I messed up on my story. Yes, some of my pics have been taken without my permission, and someone will just tell me later that they took it and blah blah. The baby butt shot, one of my favs, someone tried to take it off of fb, and fb wouldn't let them, and then I got an email. Someone I did not know! So, yuck! The photo is the best though, so I may have to share it here. I know there is a way you can prevent a foto from being taken off your blog. Anyways... just clarifying. NO biggie, I just think it is time for me to spend some time making a nice watermark and such!

    Happy day you friendly friends you!

  6. Great pictures Daniele--really loved them. The last one is great, with all the colour, and your girlie looks adorable.

  7. Those photos of Paige are just gorgeous!!!

    I haven't thought about watermarking my photos- I'd hate to have to take that one extra step (ugh!), but I also hate the thought that someone may be stealing them! I haven't run across it yet thankfully...

    (and just fyi, those photos you commented about in Avery's room- I edited the heck out of them! They were actually quite dark!! Ha ha- at least now I know I can do a good editing job if they fooled you!)

  8. I can't believe that happened! Wow - that would really upset me. Glad you are taking care of those gorgeous photos! They are so beautiful and full of color and your second shot with that smile is the best ever!! xoxo


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