Sunday, December 4, 2011

Potato Stamp Christmas Wrap

I do not pretend to have invented this concept. I have done this before, and see it often.  I just thought I'd share how I am wrapping presents this year.

Start with a potato, or a sweet potato, or yam...or an eraser!   Carve shape!

Add dots of paint with pencil erasers, and outline with crayons, or watercolor crayons/pencils!

  then I tried it with Stayz On Ink.  Worked great too!  I love how the ink stayzzzz on my tree!

This is a fun projects for the kids too and the results are endless.  Make it neat and pretty, or messy like I did.  Here, a blog friend of mine, made a beautiful rose pattern with celery.  Celery Stamping Art !!!  Scarlett's blog is by far the most beautiful blog out there.  She is so inspiring and her beauty shines everywhere, even through celery!

So grab some newspaper, and make your own one of a kind wrap art!  I think I'll be making more all week!


  1. Love this!! I made something similar some years ago. It was such fun!!!

  2. Seriously, you are just so clever & creative it kills me, lol. These little Christmas trees totally put a smile on my face!


  3. NO WAY! I am planning to do the same!! How Funny is that!! Well, at least for the smaller presents (I thought about doing them all that way but then reconsidered when I realized that I would spend a fortune in tape trying to wrap the large presents, lol) - I have a HUGE stack of newspapers that I thought would be cool wrapped with pretty ribbon and then stamped! BUT it would not be as cool as this - I LOVE what you all did here - and the citron green with your homemade stamp is FAB.
    So full of beauty and inspiration you are ;) xoxo

  4. okay, that's super good fun. I'm all about wrapping presents with BROWN RECYCLABLE KRAFT PAPER now, so this made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I don't do the coloured paper anymore.

  5. Well thanks to you all! I didn't come up with this, but it is great fun. I don't know where I picked it long ago.

    Karen, your pic is killing me! You make me laugh so much every time I see a new one! And yay for using the recyclable paper. I want to use some brown paper and add a big photo to it...and if I do, I will show the world!

  6. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great stamp! And love the recycling, it feels so good to re-use stuff doesn't it? :) Your little tree turned out great and the wrapping is so unique, great project! Thanks so much for your very kind words and link. I love your blog as well!! So glad I found you! :)


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