Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Supporting Artists. Lia Lane

Well hello!  On Cyber Monday I bought a darling ornament from Lia Lane, she's on facebook and Etsy!  I adore it!  Lia Lane makes darling encaustic pieces and I fell head over heals with this little lady!

Forget buying a collage print from Target and Pottery Barn, support the real artists who make these lovelies.  And they come wrapped so cute!  It makes me simply giddy inside and out!  Seriously giddy.

When Christmas is over, I am adding her to my wall of awesomeness! (My wall of awesomeness is currently being redone...I will share it with you when it is all ready!  Giddy!!!)


  1. It's such a beautiful ornament, I'm all for supporting artisans.

    Thanks for the lovely blog comment for PPF, it touched me that you said I'm an extraordinary painter!

  2. she is lovely..what does encaustic mean...pardon my ignorance...

  3. Yes, we should support other artists. She is wonderful and I can't wait to see y our wall.

  4. Wall of awesomeness!! YES!! Can't wait to see it!! I agree, it's wonderful to support the folks fulfilling their dreams with their very own hands! (I'm also planning on copying a certain item from PB soon to see if I can do it for about a tenth of the cost :)

  5. I love the Lia Lane ornament!! Super-cute...and I can't wait to see the Wall of Awesomeness!

    The skirt I made was done on my serger with the seams on the outside. I made the pattern by cutting wedges about 2" at the top and maybe 5" at the bottom. Then I added a few 3" strips at the top and 1 at the bottom. Easy-peasy! Just make sure it will go over your hips!

    Thanks for coming by the blog and good luck on the giveaway (it's tomorrow!) xoxo

  6. Hi!! I love this ornament! It looks great on the tree (great photo BTW!) and I'm sure it'll look fantastic on your "wall of awesomeness"!!!

    And a BIG thank you for your input on which prints to make!! I really appreciate it, and good luck winning my cards!!


  7. I LOVE IT!!! Awe, I bet it makes for such a cool element on the tree! So happy to see it hanging there ;) xoxo


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