Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart and Stuff

This is today.  Pretty simple.  A bit tiring.  Paige needs something more to do. I am going to bribe the girls this evening for a mini photo shoot.  It may happen, and if it does, I will be happy with today.  If not, it is just another day and that's ok with me too.  Hubs works all day, and work is a blessing at this point.  I really have never cared for the big V day, but little treats here and there are a fun too!

I yes, I have officially blown my awesome eating for the day.  Hubs did bring me my fav treat and I ate three!  Oopsy!


  1. All the treats look yummy! I don't care much for V day either (we never used to celebrate it in Sweden when I was younger, though I think they have started now, so have never really gotten into it). Hope you get your shoot :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely day, no matter what date it is. Goodies, family, a house full of love...makes everyday a wonderful day! :) Hugs!!

  3. oh lovely...hubby worked the night shift and walked through the door at 6.30 in the morning with three single red roses...one for me one for my big daughter Jesse and one for miss maddie...and my boys got a chocolate and i gave hubby a scratchie lottery ticket...lol...i wad going to bake a cake but still be crook i count muster the energy...take care d...xxx

  4. Delicious treats Daniele... beautiful pics... sounds like a lovely day...

    Jenny x

  5. i hope your littles cooperate for the shoot tonight. if not, just eat another cookie and make tomorrow a new day to start again. are those no-bake cookies?

    1. Ha, I just posted the tale! No those are like these healthy bars, that I do bake. No sugar...super duper healthy. I ate my share of chocolate today though I tell you!!!

      Hope you had a nice day!!!

  6. I love the heart crayons. I hope your day went well. My hubby and I didn't do anything together yesterday. We both are really busy on Tuesdays.

  7. Oh....here's where I hear of the bribing for photo shoots....haha! Glad I'm not alone!

    That was my rule for Vday, too....I'll eat good all day...and if Hubs happens to bring a little treat home for me, so be it, must eat it...haha!

    Cute heart crayons...what a sweet thing to make :)

  8. They are crayons!!! HOW cool! xoxo


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