Friday, February 17, 2012

More completed Styrofoam heart fun!

Many of you might remember my instagram pic of the top one.  Maddy got in on the fun and helped with the second, and she made some of her own too.  They are really fun, and if you are beginning to figure me out, I love using landfill in every way possible.

All you do here, is take a piece of cardboard for your base.  Yay!  Then gesso, and paint as you wish.  From a large cup, we cut out heart shapes.  Glue down, and then weigh down with heavy books until dry.  Styrofoam likes to pop back up!  Then, tear or cut, little shapes from left over pieces of styrofoam, and glue down again.  Then pour in your gel medium, or mod podge works great, and paint and glitter to your hearts content!  I stamped the board and edged with watercolor crayons and water!

So, if you must get styrofoam, and it does seem to happen more than I care to admit, then make some fun stuff out of it.  Remember those ice cream cones.  I made them in the same way.  You can see them HERE!!!  Happy creating!!!


  1. I swear, if you didn't explain how you make your pieces I would have no clue how they came together...I find myself saying, "really?" no way is that styrofoam!?!

    I love the hearts as well as your girl, she is beautiful as are you :)

    Magical hugs & kisses xo


  2. These are wonderful. They look too scrumptious to come from a throw away part of life. I will have to try using styrofoam soon, in fact I have some to recycle right now. Thanks for your inspiration.

  3. Simply gorgeous... love the dimension...

    Jenny x

  4. They look like candy....amazing they would just be headed for the trash bin in an "ordinary" household ;P Haha!

  5. Okay, this is seriously BRILLIANT! I LOVE it. I totally think you should keep going with this theme and submit to Som Apprentice. Jana is in charge of it and she is always looking for interesting artwork. I definitely think this fits! Email these pics to her with an article query right away. I'm totally loving this idea! How cool!

  6. If I dubb you the 'Queen of Landfill Art', will you take it the right way? :)lol! LOVE this, love the chunky texture, you can't get this look with a purchased product! You can get such great results using these materials! Have a great weekend!

  7. I completed a piece of art using recycled material after reading this post. I posted it if you want to see it. Thanks for your inspiration.


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