Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some Instagrams for the week!

Did you know I am having a love affair with Instagram?  So true!  Here are a few from my week.  If you have an iphone, Instagram is a free app, and it would be so fun to connect on there with YOU!!! 

Happy weekend!  I really want to paint and paint and paint, but right now, it is in the 50s!!! and sunny, so I must do the good mother thing and get us out!  Maybe I'll even take Mr. Real Camera on an outing today!  

Sunshine, the sleeping baby has been in our family for over 11 years now! This other freaky baby, only a couple years!  


  1. love these....i have android alack and alas...i scrapped last

  2. Love your instagrams Daniele... and love photo apps... hope you all had fun in the sunshine...

    Jenny x

  3. Love these! It's precious how she loves to paint like you. Sunshine, what a perfect name for a much-loved doll.

  4. Hi!!
    Ooooh, such great shots! I wish I had an IPhone. Boo. LOVE the shot of P in paint!!!! I hope you're enjoying the weather with the girls ;) xoxoxo

  5. Hello, great to visit you here again, and see all these lovely photos, pictures of sweetness and moments of pleasure!

  6. Hurray for green of everyday moments, Kids laughing and smiling and creating....and new art!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. How have I missed this post! Awesomeness! Love all your pics. It makes me miss my kids when they were little tots. They're so much fun. Ooh Green Chunky Monkey's, I haven't made those in awhile, my kids love those. Such fun photos, a good way to keep memories alive! :) Cheers!


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