Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hello to you!  We are on spring break and life is fun and crazy.  Sleepovers and skating, and room make-overs and painting! It is a busy week, but last night, after skate city and cooking for a gaggle plus one, I pulled turned the kitchen into an art studio, my favorite way to use the kitchen!!!  This is the first journal prompt Believe from Mind. Body. Soul.       I am a little late as they are on week three I think, and this is week one, but I am busy with some of my own projects and so many girls everywhere!  (Sleepovers make for extra girls, and lots of silliness!)

The title here is Believe in the power of Be.  How I enjoyed playing, can you tell?  There are layers and layers of fun, and journaling.

In all honesty, I don't know if I am done.  I feel I may need to attack with my white out pen.  I am also crazy loving this bottom instagram, so I may print and add.  Who knows...it's journaling right...I can just keep going and going.

This is a cereal box, and I guess I am just going to make one massive cereal box journal right now. I was off to buy a nice new journal to work in, but then I got all lazy after Skate City, a car full of four girls, and taking four girls to Michaels is not a good idea!!!  I only had ONE coupon!


  1. Ha! One coupon would NOT do!
    How fun (and busy ;) your day must have been!!
    Well, I LOVE this - a cereal box! What a cool journal this will be. I can't wait to see the next one . . .

  2. fun art...enjoy your spring break! Yippie!

  3. Sleepovers, skating and silliness....and still time for art!! You are definately the COOL Mom....haha!


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