Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello You!

I have been in tired mode this week.  So much to do, so little sleep (boo), job hunting (double boo!)

Today I think it all hit me.  My mom picked up P to go to the zoo, and for a needed change, I was going to have a couple hours to myself.  I guess my body had other ideas.  I laid down and slept for over four hours!  No gym, no art, no cleaning...just sleep.  Now, you may be happy I was able to do this, but I really had plans.  Finishing painting the hall, a run, and some art!  Alone time that I was looking forward to allllll week.  Alas, I slept, and I do feel better.  Now another rock in our road was my husbands work truck broke this week, and it is like a long fix, ordering special parts blah and stuff, and hubs has been leaving me stranded, you he can work!  Not having my car, and using one car has been bummer soy sausage!  Happy Happy because tomorrow is Friday, and I am just not going to care about my lack of exercise this week, or the fact that I probably ate too much pasta, and back to life I go... after hopefully getting my fingers very dirty this weekend!

oh, just one more work in progress I am happy with...

This is my new fab scrap page.  I have to add my main shot, and my title and a tad more journaling, but I am loving this page.  Layers of me since P was born is basically where I am going with it...

Happy weekend. I hope you all get messy, or stay tidy, whichever!!!


  1. i've done that so many times when i get some time at home alone. poof, straight to sleep for the most perfect nap. not productive, but i feel fantastic and unusually rested when i wake up.
    i hope someone will give you the gift of some alone time again soon so you can get stuff done.

  2. Just goes to show we cannot plan these things Daniele.........thats life....yuck
    But am loving your fab scrap page and look forward to its completion.
    Another day and you will be fine. Have a great weekend, Annette x

  3. I have done that looking forward to alone time & then crashing for hours. I guess it is our body's way of telling us to "slow down." I am glad you listened and now get messy this weekend. :) I am loving your scrap page too. SO many yummy layers!! TGIF right!?

  4. I did that today, too....we were probably snoozing at the same time! Haha!
    I always wake up feeling quite good...then, I mumble something under my breath about how I didn't get anything done ;P

    Aw...there is always tomorrow...and all the tomorrows after that!

    Great page, too :)

  5. your piece and can't wait to see your finished scrappy looks amazing thus far...oh...four hours sleep sounds heavenly...just think of how much ybetter you can do all those things you planned in young in that 4 hours...with a much clearer head and rested body....have a good

  6. i love a nap! funny how conditioned we are to feel guilty about taking one though. i took one yesterday and beat myself up about the down time. so silly really because i got up and was able to get more done than planned on.
    loving the stitch work on your scrap page. and the wings. and the birds... so many nice details.
    good luck on the job search.
    thank you for such a nice comment on my blog and following me. have a great weekend! xo tracie

  7. This is a really neat page. I love all the layers, it keeps my eye moving to see everything. I hope that you get your energy back and don't worry about getting extra rest, sometimes that is what we need to keep going.

  8. Hello Daniele, sounds like you definitely needed the sleep! I've had those days when left alone and sleep is all I good!
    Your collage is coming along well, enjoy and have a great week-end!

  9. This is SO FAB! My favorite is you - with a camera naturally - peeking out of the bottom right! LOVE! xoxo

  10. The scrap page is such a cool concept! Looking forward to seeing that completed!
    Sounds like you needed rest, mama, now your batteries are charged and you'll be able to play harder! :)

  11. As always, love reading your sincerity. You are so funny!! I understand the bummer feeling of sleeping, when I'd hoped to be doing something. But hopefully you feel refreshed and ready for an art, exercise and joy filled weekend. Sorry to hear about the vehicle issue, that is never fun, but sometimes being stranded helps to allow you more time to get projects at home finished. Hope you are having a happy and wonderful day! Big hugs dear friend!!


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