Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A LOT of fotos to share with you! (not instagram!!!)

So, I am going through a bunch of recent shots I have taken of my gaggle, and I pulled a few...ok a lot more than a few,  to share here.  These were all taken since January of this year.  I really need to catch up on my editing and getting pictures to the right family type people!  I am so lagging...  you know, because I am painting!

I am pretty happy with my first months on manual, but I will be the first to admit, I don't whip out Mr. Big anymore.  That iphone and instagram have made me lazy, and I like it!

With spring so near, I am certain Mr. Big and I will become good friends again!  (Mr. Big is my Nikon! btw!!!)

and because I just cannot help myself...

another Hey Girl for you!


  1. Great shots, such sweeeeet girls, they are all so cute! Love the one in front of the yellow train, too! Thanks for sharing these :) (last one, lol.that's soooo funny!!)

  2. Haha! Such comedians your girlies are! These are wonderful photos! You might be lax on getting these pics into the right hands....I'm lax on taking them. My Hubby gets on my case about not taking as many pictures anymore....oh, and he's mad I don't scrapbook anymore, too....haha! His Little Girl is growing to fast for him ;P

    Yours will love having all these memories documented for them! What a good Mama you are ;P

  3. Your girls are so lovely. You take such beautiful photos. I wish that I had your skill.

  4. OMG! That is the best ever - he is so dreamy!
    AND your shots are absolutely gorgeous. I love all the smiles and energy in them and I really love the arty red fence ;) Bravo, lady! xoxoxo

  5. What great pictures! I love the railroad shots. Mr. Big might get jealous of your iphone. :)

  6. Oh my giddy aunt, I so love the sweetness of your photos. They're amazing and filled with warmth. I need to take some lessons from you! Good golly, why can't we live closer? :D


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