Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend Instagram Post

 I bought these gloves, with a scarf from Janelle!, and I never get to wear them bc Maddy steals them all the time!  But today, I was quick!!!  If you look close, it does say I need an oil change!  I drive an Explorer, if you're curious.

 The Mr. does baby pushups! Hot, huh?

Paige was in this shot, at Sunflower, and she moved at the last sec, so it's just me with wind blown bangs!

I never ever just sit on the couch. Oh my freaking goodness I was so sore.  I think I pushed myself pretty hard this week.  I couldn't stand and I did not do dishes! This shot wigs my friend out as it is backwards and gives her a headache!


 So, I was trying to catch my make-up awesomeness for my blog buddy Sherilin ...we are women who love our eyeliner!  hehe...  then I text my dear Kristin to make sure I did a good job!  Silly me!

 I got happy mail.

 On Fridays, I take her to a mommy and me pre preschool!  Cuteness...

and then sometimes, we eat lunch with Papa at Chipotle and have tickle wars!

I just finished my painting for Mystel's LifeBook page.  That was interesting, and hard.  I ended up pulling lightly, and making a cute little girl in-love face...

and I will share that when I take some fotos yo!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Thank you for sharing your great photos. x

  2. your makeup's looking good, guurrllfraand!
    i just did some pilates with jillian and then spent an hr with shaun t hip hopping our abs and i can relate to your big sweat, too tired to stand up or do dishes. i'm about to keel over and i badly need a shower. but my abs are feeling painfully good and i've earned the pizza that's coming tonight!
    love ya!

    1. You go girl! and really, you rock the eyeliner like no other! ...keep up the good work. I love Jillian!

    2. you're so sweet to flatter me about my eyeliner! =) makes me want to go line up my eyes right now!

  3. You make me feel like least that would be a better excuse for not doing housework than what I come up with....haha!

    You have that Hubby to keep up with, I can understand ;P

    I love these snippets of your life....cute little snapshots that let us peek into your world....and all the fun and loveliness in it!

    Can't wait to see what you did with Mystele's instruction :D

  4. Daniel, i LOVE your stuff!! Just checked a few of your posts and i love your style and your stories.
    And those blue gloves are ADORABLE!! I'm a new fan... I'll be back for a visit soon. xoxo

  5. Oooh! You are SO cute! I'm sorry I missed this! I LOVE it - and the pictures are so FAB!!!! xoxoxo

  6. I have been so busy sewing that I have not been checking blogs much. I just noticed that you are wearing my gloves. Thanks! I love all the candid shots that you take. I keep telling myself that I need to take more pictures of my babies before they are all grown up.


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