Friday, February 18, 2011

Friend. Flashback Friday.

Once upon a time, a girl met another girl in spanish class at Metro!  They both loved Tori, although one more than the other.  They became friends. Then they went to Mexico for weeks with Spanish class.  Good times!  Then one girl got married young, and the other girl had to leave her wedding because it was raining.  She missed a good time!  During young life, these two went to Vegas for Tori, but didn't watch Alanis.  Boo.  They drank lots and were silly.  They got things pierced. They both had rough times, and great times. And they started growing up.

One girl and husband started having babies, and the other girl finally met her man. He NEVER stops smiling! ... And girl me got to wear black and a nose ring in her wedding!

But Blondie and Guy Smilie struggled having babies.  And struggled some more.  Then one day, they made their baby!  

(I can't tell you how much I miss those glasses! Lost them!  Complete tragedy!)

Sweet happiness. 

and then lady number me, had another baby, and they got to share this together. And their babies were destined to be together.

Get out of my way.  I may be little, but I'm tough!
You best get that fist out of my face, foo!

and all these years later, all grown up (Mikey, you're all growz up and all growz up and all growz up!)
they have play dates at parks, and don't drink too often, but it all is as it should be.  Happy, living a loved life.

So, go flashback here! because Tia is awesome!

(and Tia, I did read yesterday's post.  You are dead on! and your flashback today is great!)


  1. Aww, I love this! So glad to see girlfriends together especially being able to raise your kiddos together! So jealous!!

  2. This made my day! Let's have more babies together ;)

  3. What a fun post. Friends like that are priceless. :)

  4. So gorgeous! Many more happy years to come xx


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