Saturday, February 12, 2011

This week. This torturous week.

is over!  For as awful as this week was, on too many levels, it is over, and during this no good, very bad week, we got one very fabulous addition to our family.

Meet Bella.  We adopted her three days ago, and she is the easiest, sweetest, little lady I know.  She is our family's greatest Valentines!

Paige, show me your belly button!  oh, those little hands.  How fast they change.  Don't those hands just scream innocence.  Even in the middle of her trying tantrum full days, these little hands remind me of how young, fresh, and pure this little lady truly is.  oh, my babe.

I don't care about noise, I love these photos.

I have been wanting to do this little broken crayon project forever.  Too fun, right?  I finally found a cheap pan.  I hope these turn out!  I think we'll wait to Valentine's eve to melt.

I don't care much for Valentine's day.  I never have.  I hate money making, for profit companies, that make you celebrate, on a day dictated by them to make money, something that should be celebrated daily, from our hearts. I hate when Alan spends $5 on a card to tell me something he tells me all day long.  I hate chocolate temptation everywhere.  And if we had funds to shower me with roses and gifts, I would rather Mr. to just do it when he feels, not when expected or told.  So, there.  However, I do have children, and the joy these simple holidays bring, forces me to put in a little effort, and melt some crayons shaped like hearts, and maybe even make some red velvet cupcakes!

We're melting heart around here!  haha.

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  1. Great photos and edits! Congrats on the addition to your family!

  2. Great photos, love those baby pictures.

  3. Hope next week is better! Bella is beautiful! Love the photos of your babe.

  4. Wonderful photos. Your doggie looks so sweet. I love the photos of your daughter. So cute. Thanks for linking up.

  5. Your new dog is so beautiful! I look forward to seeing lots more pics of her. In answer to the question about collages, I didn't have a link on my blog but naptimemomtog had one at the beginning of the year. Or you can go directly to and download the free storyboards. They work with photoshop or photoshop elements. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

  6. Bella is so cute! Great photos.

  7. My son received some of those crayons at his class Valentine party. They were very cool! And what a cute dog!

  8. your new pooch is a cutie & how wonderful that she's easy so far!
    now you're making me inspired to do some kind of valentiney craft with my girlie girl tomorrow or monday.

  9. I just love the hand on foot shot. Too cute!

  10. Love the new addition! The picture with the tounge sticking out is great!
    And isn't it so much fun melting crayons? My students used to love when I made them for them!


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