Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Light has filled my days and my heart.  The warmth is coming back, although I love winter for what it is.   I feel the sun on my skin, the baby spends all her time outside.  I am getting energy and want to work, but understand when I can't.

We have been spending our late mornings, when it's warm, at the dog park.  Kelsey throwing the ball for other dogs, baby running here and there, and falling on rocks. Bella going crazy.  We love it.  The light is on us, and we run around free with nothing to do but play.  Spring is coming.


  1. These days have been wonderful! Someday Sophia and I want to join you at the park :)

  2. sounds delightful! we spent a lot of time outside running around with dogs & just enjoying the sun and heat and fresh air the past few days. i love visiting my parents.

  3. Yes sounds delightful! Love your image :-)

  4. my hubby cut the lawn on SAturday... crazy for Washington... and now... SNOW...lots of snow... *sigh* I am so over winter... wasnt into it this year at all actually... =) I need spring/summer!! =)


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